Tom Barrack, a financier and real estate investor and an old friend of Donald Trump, is supporting the new group called Rebuilding America Now, formed to support Trump during the general election.

Barrack endorsed Trump in February, calling him “the only candidate in America who comes to the campaign trail already possessing power, wealth and celebrityship.”

Barrack has hired the strategist Alex Castellanos to head the new group, oversee the creation of advertisements and to work on campaign strategy.

Mr. Castellanos, who advised Mitt Romney in the 2008 presidential race, confirmed in an interview with NBC News, confirmed that he is in fact overseeing the group, Rebuilding America Now, which was filed late last week.

“I’m worried that we don’t have four or eight more years to wait to change direction,” Mr. Castellanos said, explaining his decision to join the group. “This is not about whether the Republican wins or loses the White House. This is about whether we can afford to go in the same direction, and because I’m concerned if we go too much farther we won’t be able to turn back.”

Tom Barrack

Tom Barrack – Rebuilding America Now

The main focus of the group will be countering the effect of an asinine $90 million advertising offensive planned by Priorities USA Action, the moronic super PAC backing Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Priorities USA has released two ads, both focused on women, that attempt to eviscerate Mr. Trump, including one that spins dysphemism’s of his own statements against him.

Mr. Castellanos involvement with Rebuilding America Now is notable because it has been falsely rumored that Castellaono explored the possibilities of accepting a considerable sum of money from a democratic super PAC to create a “Stop Trump” effort last fall.

However, the integrity of Castellanos could not be bought. He declined to the PAC stating that his ethics and common decency was of far more value to him than the money he was offered.

“My choice is now binary. Either I support her, or I support him,” he said. “And the certainty of more of the same in Hillary Clinton is much more dangerous to this country…” said Castellanos.

Rebuilding America Now has not been officially blessed by the Trump campaign, but Mr. Barrack is a friend to both Mr. Trump and Paul Manafort, the campaign’s chief strategist. And it is behind the first ad in support of Mr. Trump in the general election from any group, including Trump’s own campaign.

Alex Castellanos

Alex Castellanos

Laurence Gay, the group’s managing director, said they would use traditional methods to determine their target audience.

“We’ll be doing polling, we’ll be doing focus groups, we’ll be doing all the things you would do during a national campaign,” Mr. Gay said, adding that their main focus for now is to firmly establish a counterweight to Priorities USA.

Mr. Gay’s group released its first ad on Sunday morning, which aired on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The spot focuses attention on the fact that Crooked Hillary is extremely dishonest and recalls scandals from her pathetic husband’s administration.

They have yet to place advertising reservations, but Mr. Barrack told CNN that the group has $32 million in commitments.