A Plea To America By Norma Geane


Written by Norma Geane

I say it is time for America to help trump and push for a new congress campaign also your state and local politicians need to be looked at are they for a better America or the destruction of America?

What do you say America? America needs to look for veterans and military men and women they know the score for saving America! We have just a few months until November 2016 to make a very big statement.

We need to elect new blood and we as Americans have the power to pass out pink slips to congress through the power of the vote. So remember to start looking now for those very special men and women to replace those in congress now.

Remember we have the power. We as Americans will have the job of finding that true man or woman who is American; the person with true love for America.

Start by looking in your own back yard, town, city, or state. Ask them to run for a seat in congress. Support them. You know we want that person who has the brass to stand proud, voice loud, people like Trump. People like us.

They could be a member of your family, they could be veterans, active duty military, farmers, loggers, truckers, homemakers, restaurant owners, cooks, doctors, nurses, teachers, police men & women, firefighters look at everyone who makes you notice and like what they offer.

They are out there America. America we need you to look for them, to listen to them, to support them. When you find them tell America about them, name them, Americans making America great again.

Donald Trump is for putting America first. I have always said America needs to come first. They tell us to pay you first, so why not pay America first? Heal America first. Love America first.

That is why people come to America to be first in freedom to live a life they feel good about, bring back the flags of America, bring back our history good or bad make America first, vote for trump and we will make America great again.


Voting Fraud

If you see voting fraud, remember this it is your vote so please say something at the time. If Trump’s name is not on the ballot, please take photo of it and complain. Remember, this is just another way to stop Trump from becoming President.

These ballots are invalid for not having Trump’s name on them. Do not use them. Do not leave the booth until your vote is counted. Phone 855-245-4634 to report any voting fraud!!!

Take a pic with your phone if u can before and after so they know you are watching them!!!!  It appears that some states are now finding voter polls closed with no information of where to go. Call your local city court hose and complain. Get this out to everyone. Please make phone calls to your local auditors office to demand a recount.

Call your local city hall and then call your state representative. Raise hell as much as possible. I say we must raise our voices loud to the fraud that is going on in the election.

Call your local police and sheriff’s department in your city or town, demanding to investigate the voter fraud. People need to send post cards, emails, and call your local auditor office.

Inform them to investigate and remind them that you can and will vote them out of office if they don’t listen to the will of the people. We need to save America now so don’t wait do your part for America.

It is not to late to still do something, so please dial the phone and or lick a stamp. Just do the right thing for America! Good luck! Thank you for voting for Trump.

For the lucky ones who got to vote, now for those who didn’t please raise hell by calling everyone in power. File complaints! Your voting rights were stolen. Remember to stand proud! Please make your voice heard loud today, tomorrow and forever.

For more information on voting fraud, please click here.