About Get Off The BS


‘Piping In The News and Flushing Out The BS.’  Get off the BS is truly a unique website amongst hundreds of sites and Facebook pages that promote Donald Trump.

What sets Get off the BS apart from most sites and  Facebook pages that promote Donald Trump is that our audience is never subjected to click through ads, promotions and or requests for money.

My wife Deborah and I have been following Donald Trump’s campaign since June of 2015. During the course of Mr. Trump’s campaign, my wife and I have both become extremely upset over the prevarications (lies) the main stream media sources propound upon Mr. Trump; the Washington Post leading the pack of lying filth who dare to claim to be journalists.

Neither my wife and or I have any experience as writers.   Although I have wrote and been highly praised on several of the articles I have written on this site, the majority of the articles you will find on this web site are articles from main stream media sources, that my wife and I have removed the bullshit about Donald Trump from and replaced the same with the actual truth.

Of course, any time we find the opportunity to bash his opponents, we definitely take advantage of all the liberties afforded to us by our Free Speech rights…the same rights these scumbags take advantage of to heap a mound of bullshit on Mr. Trump.

Shoveling up the bullshit, while informing the general public of the truth about Donald J. Trump and having  some fun in the process, is the primary mission of Get off the BS.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Trump for President 2016.

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