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While the American public has been focused on Crooked Hillary’s email servers, the destruction of the GOP, and terroristic attacks by ISIS, potentially catastrophic world issues that reluctantly lead America in to World War 3, are quietly being buried under a constant barrage of misinformation.

Although there have been no bombs dropped, cruise missiles fired and or ground troop’s deployed, the leaders of China, and North Korea and Russia declared war on America months ago and have been actively engaging in crippling blows against America that has gone virtually unreported, save a few half-truths.

A few reports have recently surfaced indicating that elements of China’s, North Korea’s and Russia’s military, state, business, and academia, despite anti-hack pacts with America, have been interwoven over decades and organized around one goal: stealing secrets from the West with the ultimate goal of destroying America.

Speaking about the catastrophic ramifications of Chinese, North Korean and Russian cyber attacks on Americas government and businesses, Casey Fleming, CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation, a company contracted by the US Government and numerous world wide corporations to monitor the damages and extent of cyber hacking, claims that:

“It will not take long for every American citizen to be affected by the scale of this government and economic espionage assault.”

Specifically referring to China, Fleming further stated that:

“This regime of theft takes with impunity, powering China’s economy and high-tech military, while robbing the United States alone of trillions in value each year.”

“Our intelligence unit’s latest estimates are that U.S. companies and the U.S. economy lose approximately $5 trillion each year, or over 30 percent of the U.S. GDP when you factor the full value of the stolen innovation,” Fleming said.

Location Map of Victims of Cyber-Attacks
US Location Map of Victims of Cyber-Attacks

For years, many large corporations, financial intuitions and governmental intelligence departments have relied on a once strong but now obsolete security program called Einstein, to protect highly sensitive financial records and government classified secrets.

However, numerous large corporations and financial institutions have stopped using Einstein, versions 1 and 2, in favor of more sophisticated security software, while the US government recently budgeted $32m dollars to upgrade to a widely criticized Einstein 3 program.

The breach of OPM (Office of Personal Management) by hackers, linked by U.S. officials to the Chinese government, has focused attention on the shortcomings of Einstein 3, and by extension the troubled effort to secure government computer networks from sophisticated adversaries such as China, North Korea and Russia.

“Einstein 3 was state of the art two years ago,” said James Lewis, senior fellow in cybersecurity at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “It’s good, but it’s not enough, and we know that because the commercial security industry is already moving away from that kind of defense.”

Although there are numerous articles and blogs written about the perilous vulnerabilities of America’s financial sectors, intelligence communities, national defense and infrastructure by cyber-hacking, this information is cleverly and by design, buried under millions of bytes of information ranging from half-truths to outright prevarications, that leave the majority of the American public in a state of mass confusion.

Creating mass confusion for the world’s general public by releasing half-truths that generate millions of articles of misinformation has been a tool of world leaders, corporate America and our American government for many years now.

Their mass confusion game is very simple.  Once information is leaked, the White House press office releases a half-truth to our mass media who then reports the government half-truth about the leaked information.

This is usually followed up with information about some tragic event (environmental and or social) and or some kind of dirty laundry about some famous person which distracts the American public from the former issue.  After all, American’s cannot get enough of dirty laundry.

After a few articles and news bites emerge from our mass media, a long waiting game starts which gives fuel to sub media and blog writers who try to garner the real truth but usually resort to profiting off the reporting of their opinions, theories and prevarications on the internet.

After a long period of time as elapsed, the American public has heard so much inaccurate information, that the real truth is almost impossible to dig out amongst all the volumes of opinion, theories and bullshit.  For example, consider the assassination of JFK, 911, or more recently the terrorist attacks on the embassy in Benghazi and or the issue of Clinton’s email servers.

Concerning Hillary’s email servers, one only has to ask themselves, does it really take tens of thousands of government law enforcement personnel, months to investigate whether or not Hillary maintained classified government secrets on her servers, when in fact the government has the actual servers intact?

Arguably, any reasonably intelligent person realizes that the easiest way to hide the real truth of a matter is to drag the matter on for a long period of time while burying the truth among thousands of documents it would take a super computer to sift through.

The evolution of the Internet over the past 20 years and a bought and paid for mass media, simply admitting to some half truths about information that was leaked by theft of the same, creates so many virtual mounds of paperwork that arguably, very few people could ever dig out the truth from it.

Crooked Hillary's Email Servers Seized by the FBI months ago - where is the indictment?

Crooked Hillary’s Email Servers Seized by the FBI months ago – where is the indictment?

To expound further on this subject, an expert at diverting the American public’s attention away from the more serious issues surrounding her criminal acts, has found an ingenious way to take advantage of the American public’s state of mass confusion resulting from a constant barrage of half truths and volumes of media articles propounded over a long period of time.

Hillary ‘s campaign manager recently came up with the following idea:

Trivialize this, make fun of the whole thing, spotlight amusing things said in some of the messages, build a “woman balancing work and home life” narrative to create sympathy between Madame Clinton and female voters.

Additionally, Crooked Hillary’s campaigns supporters have created a Super-PAC to fund the mass propounding of disinformation by former reporters, hackers and bloggers, all engaged in creating millions of pieces of information to bury any leaks of potentially damaging information to Clinton’s campaign.

“One good troll deserves another, ” Crooked Hillary recently stated.

It is important to understand that the serious issue concerning what highly classified information could have possibly been hacked from Hillary’s email servers is minuscule in comparison to what information has most likely been stolen from the NSA, State Department, Pentagon and CIA.

In conclusion,  for real change to come, we must first understand how our government leaders  deliberately and treacherously use  the mass media and and the Internet to render many of us in a state of mass confusion.

The only way we can stop our government leaders from continually leaving us in a state of mass confusion, is to personally start screaming and encouraging others to scream at the top of their lungs, at our elected officials, demanding an expedited resolution to the same the minute we are given a half truth.

We must not continue to allow potentially catastrophic  issues to be shoved aside because we are distracted by earthquakes in Japan or whether or not Donald Trump is a woman hater.

We must not allow ourselves to become so hateful of a person, such as Crooked Hillary, that we are so focused on whether or not she will be indicted, that we completely lose track of the catastrophic ramifications of her keeping highly classified secrets on her personal server, that by its theft could result in the destruction of our great nation.

In other words, if a large group of American’s were focused on the catastrophic damage her criminal actions have most likely caused, it his highly likely the FBI would have thousands of protesters outside their doors every morning screaming for her ass on a silver platter!

Yet instead of raising hades, the majority of the American public is sitting idly by while being mentally conditioned by mounds of opinion, theories and  bullshit to accept that Crooked Hillary will most likely get a pass on being prosecuted.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un Regime Formed
Bureau 121 – Cyber Hackers

Folks, when our nation is under attack from dictators in North Korea and Iran whose primary objectives are to enact revenge on America by turning America in to a nuclear waste land and two of the worlds superpowers China and Russia, have declared war on America by using cyber-hacking to cripple America, it is time for every American to get off their posteriors, accept the cold hard facts of what is going on in the world and join together to make our voices heard for immediate answers and actions from our political leaders.

We simply cannot accept being rendered into a state of mass confusion by our political leaders and mass media, while our world is going to crap around us. Additionally, praying for and or hoping someone else will fight our battles for us – solve our problems, is a severely over-used pipe dream of inactivity that has greatly attributed to our current state of affairs.

Remember, when the bullets and missiles start flying, our leaders have several places to go for protection….unfortunately, we have none.

Please share this article with everyone you know. Even if it may not have inspired you, for every person it wakes up to what is going on in America, is another person who wont be voting for Hillary Clinton and or standing on the sidelines when the bombs start falling on our heads.