Aniti-American Collin Kaepernick Spits in America's Face

Collin Kaepernick

Collin Kaepernick Hates America

The San Francisco 49ers anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick spit in the face of all true God fearing American’s claiming his decision not to stand for the national anthem during the 49ers game with the Green Bay Packers this past Friday was brought about by his allegiance to the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, ignorantly proclaiming that the actions of certain police officers toward African-Americans is offensive to him.

The incompetent Kaepernick who can’t seem to throw a football with any accuracy, 144 completions out of 244 attempts in 2015, obviously thinks that football fans and the American public should give a damn about what a has-been quarterback is ridiculously protesting.

John “Jed” York, the spoiled and deadbeat ‘diner’ son and heir to Denise DeBartolo York and John York, obviously had his head in his rectum when he allowed his moronic quarterback to start this past Friday’s game with the Packers who ended up stomping the crap out of the 49ers by a score of 21-10. 

Kaepernick, whining like the punk he is about a tired shoulder, returned Friday failing to convert on first downs, (1-3) and throwing horrible passes (2-6).  At 28 years old, Kaepernick’s best days are over with.  York is obviously the biggest moron on the face of this planet and or he is begging for miracles, thinking that he may have any kind of chance of the 49ers returning to their winning ways, with the communist Kaepernick leading his team.

Now York  and his idiot savant Kaepernick have found the wrath of the pissed off San Francisco Police Officers Association who are demanding an apology from York, Kaepernick and the NFL, for Kaepernick’s anti-American and asinine display of hatred for America and its people, this past Friday.

On Monday, the San Francisco Police Officers Association responded with a letter that criticizes Kaepernick for his views and asks his team and the league to apologize.

The letter, sent to idiot 49ers owner Jed York and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, calls Kaepernick’s comments “ill-advised” and explains that the police officers “will not stand by while he attacks police officers in this country with statements such as, ‘People are on paid leave while people of color are killed.’”

The letter, signed by SFPOA president Martin Halloran, accuses Kaepernick of “an incredible lack of knowledge regarding our profession” and a “total lack of sensitivity towards police officers.”

“Ironically it is those officers, who on numerous occasions have protected Mr. Kaepernick and have ensured that the venue where the NFL holds its events are fully protected,” Halloran writes.

“I only wish Mr. Kaepernick could see the emotional and psychological challenges that our officers face following a fatal encounter. Some are so affected they never return to the streets. In short, Mr. Kaepernick has embarrassed himself, the 49ers organization, and the NFL based on a false narrative and misinformation that lacks any factual basis.”

Halloran then points out that 40 police officers have been murdered in recent months, and that more than 100,000 law-enforcement officers have been assaulted in the past year. Halloran also cites “over 8,000 murders that African Americans have inflicted on one another in 2015.”

“The law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society’s problems, including racial divide, in our country,” Halloran writes. “It isn’t fair and it isn’t true.”

Halloran specifically asks York and Goodell to “denounce [Kaepernick’s] foolish statements and separate yourself” from Kaepernick’s moronic words and actions. Halloran also invites Kaepernick to visit the San Francisco Police Department Academy “and partake in any of the simulations that recruits participate in during their training.”

Ultimately, Halloran asks the 49ers and the NFL “to do the right thing and at least apologize to the many police officers Mr. Kaepernick has disrespected for no apparent reason.”

There is no doubt that millions of Dallas Cowboy fans will be waiting on November 4th, for their chance to repeatedly knock Kaepernick on his stupid posterior, when they play the 49ers in San Francisco. Very likely, Kaepernick is thanking his pagan God that he will not be travelling to Irving Texas this season to play Dallas, where he would most likely get his ass stomped in the parking lot by some true American patriots who are already pissed off at Kaepernick for his referring to Donald J. Trump as a “child molesting xenophobe” this past September.

Kaepernick would be wise to reconsider his allegiance to Black Lives Matter, a terrorist group masquerading as political activists that have repeatedly encouraged and caused violent protests throughout the United States, hiding under the protection of President Barrack Hussein Obama.

This is a pissed off Brenda Corpian denouncing her residency in California, screaming go Houston Texans, reporting for Get Off The Bs.  Please vote for Donald J. Trump for Potus in 2016, because a vote for anyone else, is just plain stupid!