Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg on Thursday asininely explained his decision not to prosecute Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, though he acknowledged he’s confident Lewandowski grabbed Michelle Fields last month at the end of a press conference in Jupiter Florida.

Lewandowski was ridiculously charged by Jupiter Florida police last month with battery for allegedly grabbing the arm of former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields after a campaign press conference in Florida on March 8, 2016.

During Aronberg’s press conference on April 15, 2016, Aronberg defended a detective with the Jupiter police for bringing false battery charges against Lewandowski.

cory_lewandowski_getoffthebsArondberg explained to the press that to take the case to court, “the standard for filing criminal charges is higher than mere probable cause. We have the burden of proving each case beyond a reasonable doubt. In doing so, a prosecutor must have a good-faith basis that the evidence presented will sustain a conviction.”

Throughout Aronbergs’ explanation for the reason he claims that his office was dropping the charges, commonly referred to as a ‘no file’, he consistently stated he believed Lewandowski owed Fields and apology and ridiculously continued to indicate that Lewandowski grabbed fields arm. However, thre is no evidence on the video tape of the incident that clearly shows Lewandowski grabbed Fields arm.

Finally, one the most insulting parts of Aronberg’s explanation for not going forward with the battery charges against Lewandowski, was his conveniently not naming the intake ADA in this matter, who the blame of wrongfully charging Lewandowski was insinuated against.

In reality, unless the prosecutors office was under excessive pressure from the cities Mayor, a congressman, Senator and or a Governor of the state, the chances of an intake ADA accepting charges (issuing a warrant for Lewandowski’s arrest) in this matter or about the same as you or I winning the Powerball lottery.

A prudent person, regardless of Aronbergs’ play on words explaining prosecutable procedures of the Jupiter  Department and his office, would have no problem understanding that the facts of the matter clearly shown in the video of the incident did not change during the period of the battery charges issued and then latter dismissed.

It does not take a rocket scientist to deduce that a person or persons’ with high influence directed the Jupiter PolicePolicemichelle_fields_tramp_getoffthebsDetective and the prosecutor’s office to proceed with charges against Lewandowski.

Quite frankly, if you or I walked in to the Jupiter Police Department and or any other police department with a minor bruise on our arms and a video tape showing that we assaulted a Presidential candidate after pushing our way in to a ‘Secret Service Bubble’, the chances are very good we would have been shown a jail cell. The fact that she was not arrested by the Secret Service during the incident is a mystery to me.

I have no explanation for why the prosecutor’s office originally filed and then dropped the battery charges against Lewandowski. Any comments I could make on that subject would be clearly speculative.   However, I can clearly state with all certainty, that Aronbergs’ aforementioned explanation was some grade ‘A’ bullshit. The only person or persons due an apology in this matter, is President Trump and his aide, Cory Lewandowski.