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Just when you think that your intelligence could not be insulted any further, ABC News is now reporting that Former President Bill Clinton says that the Clinton Foundation — which has come under fire during the election cycle — “has to be totally out of politics” if his wife is elected president in November.

Really? Personally I find it hard to believe that even the most ignorant liberal on the face of this planet would ever believe that if God forbid, Crooked Hillary becomes our next POTUS, that the Clinton’s will find Jesus and become law abiding God fearing US citizens.

Seriously, what next? Will CNN publish a story claiming that Barrack Obama will love America if Crooked Hillary becomes our next president? That Ted Cruz will stop lying if Jill Stein becomes our next Potus?

In a mock interview on “The Daily Show,” Bill ‘The Rapist’ Clinton did a pathetic job at trying to portray a sentimental tone and spun one lie after another claiming that the Clinton foundation would undergo fundamental changes if his rotten pasty face Parkinson disease ridden bitch of a wife wins the general election in November.   

“It has to be totally out of politics,” lied Clinton about his foundation. “And if Hillary becomes president it has to be at arms length. I can’t be involved in it at all.”

Don’t make me piss my panties laughing you lying child molesting rapist bastard. You and your crooked bitch robbed the country blind when she was our so-called Secretary of State. Now you are suggesting that you will stop robbing the American public blind if people are stupid enough to vote her in to the President’s office in 2017?

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the largest arm of the Clinton Foundation, announced changes it would make if Hillary Clinton became president in November. Both Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton would step down from the board and the organization would become “completely independent” and will no longer use the Clinton, CHAI lied in a statement on Wednesday.

Right, I can really see Chelsea giving up her $750,000 a year job with her families money laundering and pay-per-play criminal foundation. What is that ugly bitch with a nose as long as the state of Florida going to do for a living if he she gives up her criminal career? Sell Mary Kay cosmetics or Tupperware?

The former president made his 10th appearance the comedy show today, but this was his first time sitting across from new host, Trevor Noah.

“I watch you,” said Clinton as he sat across Noah. “I am one of your older demographics.”

“Oh I thought you were 18-34,” Noah quipped.

“I don’t even think that when I look in the mirror,” quipped Clinton, taking a slight jab at Donald Trump who earlier today told Dr. Oz that he saw himself as 35-years-old when he looked in the mirror. Both President Clinton and Trump are 70.

Clinton made the appearance primarily to plug the upcoming and final Clinton Global Initiative meeting, which will be held next week in New York City.

In public, criminals and cronies of the Clinton’s have said that the idea of the Clinton’s giving up their criminal foundation masquerading as a charity in the event that Hillary Clinton becomes president is the right thing to do; behind the scenes they are all laughing their asses off at the notion anyone could be stupid enough to buy that line of bullshit.

Bill Clinton, obviously drunk and high, told ABC news that he is confident that his wife would become the next Commander-in-Chief. “Most of her strongest supporters are people who have worked for her or have done business with him. They’re for her too!” exclaimed the former president.

Before wrapping, host Noah said he wondered what to get a former president as a gift and after much thought, he concluded with balloons. And on cue, red, white and blue balloons showered Clinton and Noah, prompting a hearty laugh from the former president.

Clinton grabbed one of the balloons and gave a shout. Photos of President Clinton trying to act like he was playing with balloons at the Democratic National Convention went viral in July, and he gave one of those balloons to his granddaughter Charlotte.

“At the convention they had to hook me off the stage,” laughed Clinton. “I really am in my second childhood.”

I disagree Bill, you never grew out of your first childhood. Unfortunately you have had one sick and twisted childhood.   This is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS. Vote for Trump you all, because a vote for anyone else, is just plain stupid!