From left, Bianca Lombardo, Alexis Popick, Izzy Lowers, Victoria Nolan &
Sarah Hardwig — known as the USA Freedom Kids

Black Lives Matters and CAIR have teamed up gain, this time to terrorize young Caucasian children who have formed a darling group called USA Freedom Kids.

During a joint interview today with Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matters and Nihad Awad, co-founder of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) both Garza and Awad, denied any involvement of using threats and or intimidation to harass an or terrorize the USA Freedom Kids.

“These white girls are racists. Of course our organization is going to tell the media our opinions about their awful racist behavior. These kids are no different than the Hitler youth of the WWII era…..Why do they discriminate against young African American or Latino children…there whole group is made up of over-privileged white children…”, said Nihad Awad.

Writers for the Washington Post, LA Times and a blog by Madeline Davies, unjustly encouraged by the joint Black Lives Matters and CAIR movements, have been excessively and definitely hypercritical of the USA Freedom kids, referring to these precious children with disparaging names such as, “Hitler Youth”, “Creepy” and “Cartoon Nightmares.”

“They are “Creepy.” They think their privileged selves are better than everyone else. Have you heard their Trump song? Those kids have been brainwashed. They are what is wrong with America, not what is right…” said Alicia Garza.

The USA Freedom Kids are a young group of girls who perform because they truly enjoy singing and dancing their way in to the hearts and minds of their large audiences.

The USA Freedom Kids are innocent young children with no political agendas. It is a horrendous atrocity that any group and or media source, could use them as a focal point to propound insults against an opposing candidate, whose political policies do not coincide with their political beliefs.

For the love of God, these are children. They are not prejudice. While many other children are playing with XBoxes and or Playstation’s, these young ladies are “sacrificing their play time to practice their singing and dancing” said Debbie Popick, one of the loving mothers of the USA Freedom Kids.

“It is a truly a sad day for American’s, no matter what heritage they may be, when three precious young ladies step up on a stage in front of a large audience, pour out their hearts and souls in to a magnificent performance, to later be publicly humiliated and disparaged by a political party, their activists and their media connections, as an excuse to criticize their opposing party” said, Tyg Lucas, co-publisher of Get off The BS.

Black Lives Matter and CAIR, were once great movements that have been totally corrupted by very poor activist management and large contributions from George Soros, a controversial and prominent international supporter of democratic ideals and causes.

George Soros

George Soros

Both organizations, fueled by multimillion dollar contributions from Soros, have become an active terrorist cell in America, organizing and promoting violent protests and propounding death threats to anyone who opposes their African American / Muslim agendas.

This terrorist cell is now focusing their efforts on disparaging Caucasian children; girls.  Regardless of our social and or political views, our children must be protected.  They are the future of our great nation and we must not ever tolerate anyone and or any organization, abusing them.

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USA Freedom Kids Sing For Donald Trump – Madeline Davies Go Find a Rock to Slither Under


A Personal Message to the USA Freedom Kids:

From all of us at GetofftheBS to the USA Freedom Kids and every young child in America,regardless of your race or sex and or your religious beliefs, we support you. We encourage you to continue to pursue your dreams and do everything you can to make your dreams come true.

This is America, the land of opportunity and freedom. You truly are our future. We love and cherish you. We apologize for when we grown-up’s act stupidly sometimes. We are not perfect. Sometimes we let our passions cloud our good judgment. We ask for your forgiveness and understanding.


A Plea For Common Decency:

Alicia Garza - Black Lives Matter

Alicia Garza – Black Lives Matter

To Black Lives Matter, CAIR, Washington Post, CNN and Madeline Davies, shame on you. These are children. They are not political pawns. They are old enough to understand the nasty things you said about them.

If a white activist group had ever called the Jackson Five “Hitler Youth,” or “Creepy” and or “Cartoon Nightmares” there is no doubt there would have been rioting in the streets.

You owe the USA Freedom Kids a huge apology. In the future, please leave our precious children out of your political and or ideology disputes. They are innocent and you have hurt them without due cause.

Nihad Awad - CAIR

Nihad Awad – CAIR

Mr. Donald Trump, these young ladies were attacked primarily because they chose to perform for your supporters at your Florida rally. I am befuddled why you would not have come out by now and stood up for these wonderful children.

We ask every American to share this article and to take a few moments out of your busy schedules to show your support for the USA Freedom Kids, by either writing them a few words of encouragement, liking their Facebook page, Tweeting them and or posting something nice about their efforts and performances.

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