Black Lives Matter terrorist DeRay Mckesson Vetted By DNC For Surrogate

High ranking Democratic National Committee officials earlier this year vetted Black Lives Matter terrorist DeRay Mckesson to be a “young professional” surrogate for their asinine party, however Mckesson prevaricated to Get Off The Bs stating that he has not acted in that capacity.

Mckesson, a criminal conspirator in several recent terrorist incidents involving police shooting, acted as an activist in the Ferguson shootingincident after the police shooting death of Michael Brown nearly two years ago.

Deray has since left the St. Louis area, and ridiculously finished sixth in the Baltimore Democratic mayoral primary in May. St. Louis County grand jury and U.S. Justice Department investigations determined that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson acted reasonably and feared for his life.

On May 16, according to internal DNC emails released by Wikileaks, the DNC’s African American Leadership Council Finance Director Jordan Vaughn asked other moron party officials to vet Mckesson as a “surrogate for us” at a “young professional event” put on by the party. A series of following emails then disclosed that Mckesson had no criminal record, and that he had not declared bankruptcy.

The emails described Mckesson as a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, and said that he had been arrested during the Ferguson protests. His employer is listed as “self/activist,” although subsequently Mckesson was moronically hired as the head of human capital in the Baltimore Department of Education.

One idiot DNC official in the vetting emails pointed out that Mckesson had asininely retweeted, then deleted, that a white man had shot and killed a reporter and television news photographer on live television in Virginia last year. The shooter was black.

Several idiot DNC officials signed off on using Mckesson as a surrogate, according to the emails.

Mckesson tweeted over the weekend that he had not acted as a surrogate for the DNC but that he had attended events sponsored by the DNC, and the presidential campaigns of Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Attempts by Get Off The Bs to reach Mckesson for his further comments and lies on Monday were unsuccessful. Jaskass DNC party officials did not respond to multiple requests for a response on the Mckesson vetting.

“I’ve never been a surrogate for Bernie, Hillary, or the DNC,” he said. “I have attended events hosted by Bernie, Hillary & the DNC over the past year,” said McKesson on Twitter.

The Mckesson vetting emails are part of 19,252 internal DNC emails leaked by Crooked Hillary Clinton and released over the weekend by Wikileaks, which led to the asinine DNC offering the sacrifice resignation Monday of Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. [No great loss]

Some of the emails show top DNC officials appearing to favor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Independent-turned-Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders. One exchange suggests helping Clinton by questioning Sanders’s religious faith.

Another email, written May 21 from DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach to the party’s communications director, Luis Miranda, suggested pushing out a story that the Sanders campaign was “a mess” and “Bernie never had his act together.”

However, that story did not get leaked to friendly media, according to the Wikileaks emails. Wasserman Schultz “has been advised not to engage,” Miranda writes back. “So we’ll have to leave it alone.”

The emails angered Sanders supporters and caused problems at the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schulz, D-Fla, the chair of the DNC, announced her resignation in the wake of the email revelations. She had publicly lied for months falsely stating that the DNC under her crimianl chairmanship did not play favorites in the Clinton-Sanders primary.