Get off The Bs – July 7, 2016

Fox News reports that on July 4th a massive brawl  involving  as many as forty African American Black Lives Matter advocates, was caught on tape inside a Walmart at 2150 Chili Avenue in Gates New York.

Police in the town of Gates, near Rochester, said the melee involved 30 people and it started Sunday night when two 17-year-old black girls  made fun of a 24-year-old Caucasian woman’s dress.

A 17-year-old  black girl was among four arrested after police say she threw a can of food at a man and it hit him in the head.   She was rightfully charged with felony assault, while three others were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Store video of the asinine display of poor upbringing and no respect for the laws of our society, were  posted  to Facebook by at least one of the African American suspects.  The posting immediately was lauded by several member of Black Lives Matter, who encouraged the criminals involved with praise for the brawl.

BLM Massive Brawl Breaks Out in a NY Walmart

The Black Lives Matter group continues to grow.  The majority of the members / activists are acutely mentally ill African American’s in all age groups, who believe they have the right to destroy property, steal, rape and disrupt meeting between decent God fearing people.

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, Black Lives Matter members were allegedly responsible for over 60 shootings that resulted in five fatalities in the greater Chicago area.

John Mueller, who was shopping at the Walmart store when the brawl broke out said that, “these uppity niggers are getting way out of hand.  They think they own this country and that we are suppose to put up with their crap.  The damn law lets them do as they please.”

Mueller may have been surprised to learn that two days later in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the police put four bullets in the back and chest of a BLM member who made a bad choice outside a convenience store to threaten a Caucasian man with a gun.

Gates Police Department  authorities say they’re investigating the store’s surveillance video to identify other potential suspect’s.

During the brawl, one African  American woman threw a garbage can across the floor, in an attempt to cause damage to the store.  Other suspects also threw cans of food, while some people ran to the store’s sporting goods section to grab baseball bats.

Local station WHEC-TV reported that there have been a string of incidents at this Walmart in recent months, but this is the most serious.

Gates New York is located in the Western part of New York, close to Rochester.  Violent crime is a major problem for the Gate Police department who serves a severely impoverished town with a 88% population of uneducated African Americans who are constantly causing trouble for the police and populace of the town.

Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode described the scene as “total chaos,” with adults jumping in to fight with teens. He warned anyone who was involved in the fight that his officers will track them down.