I have very fond memories of when I was a young boy walking through the grocery store with my mother, holding on to her skirt and not letting go until we  reached the checkout stand, where my attention would often be diverted to the amusing nonsense that I would often read on the front page of the National Enquirer.

I had enough common sense as a young boy to understand that stories of ‘Elvis being kidnapped by Alien’s’ were nonsense, however as a grown man today I find it much harder to sift through all the nonsense published by the media today.

Outlandish events and stories focused on the ‘dirty laundry’ of famous people appear to be the norm today in our tabloids, newspapers and televised news stories.

Add some altered pictures, videos and or some half-truths and a story can pretty much be spun believably anyway the writer /publisher may want it to be perceived.

For instance, interviewing a first responder who arrived at the World Trade Center before it came toppling down, if a journalist published him or her saying, “I heard numerous explosions before it came down’ and omitted ‘we spent months testing for explosive residue, but could not find any’ a story that the ‘World Trade Center brought down by explosives’ would actually sound believable.

As a young man, I remember my grandpa once telling me, “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” followed up with, “to find out the truth always consider the source.”


Over the past 9 months, to get to the most reliable source on Donald Trump, I have travelled to or viewed every Donald Trump rally, town hall meeting, debate and or interview he has been involved with.

It never ceases to dismay me when I read or watch a news story about Trump, to find that some journalist has recorded some comments Trump has made while omitting other things he said, to spin an outlandish story about him.

To compound the atrocity of that issue, some journalists and their news agencies, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, omit any resemblance of the truth and make up whatever crap about Trump they hope the American public will believe.

Recently, several news agencies have claimed that Donald Trump has no respect for woman, that he is ‘flip-flopping’ on issues and that he pretended to be his own press agent to People Magazine.

To people who have not listened to and or read every published word of Trump’s over the past 9 months, said nonsense stories may sound believable, especially when they are backed up with sound bites and videos of Trump speaking.

However, similar to almost every story I have read about Trump recently, these stories omit other information and or things he has said that if published, would portray Trump in a very positive light.

Elvis Is Alive 2

Some people suggest that people controlled by people who oppose Trump write these fraudulent stories. I do not completely agree with that reasoning. In my opinion, many journalists today are no different than the journalists who wrote stories similar to the stories once written that suggest that Elvis was kidnapped by aliens.

The fact is that the many journalists today in their quests for fortune and fame are constantly trying to outdo their colleagues in revealing some new tragedy and or dirty laundry about some famous person. No one can argue today, that there is more published about the bad news than the good news.

The pen is mightier than the sword” is a metonymic adage indicating that communication, or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.

When many journalists use the ‘pen’ as it is often used today, they destroy lives and cause mass confusion.  All journalists have a fiduciary responsibility to tell the truth to the general public regardless if they win a Pulitzer Prize or not, for their stories.

Journalists need to tell the public the real truth about Trump.  Donald Trump respects woman,  he loves America and he is firm about doing something to tide the epidemic flow of illegal immigrants in to this country.

Donald Trump is not perfect. Some times he says some outlandish things, but when you consider everything he says, only a moron could ever believe that he is not 100% committed to his love for our nation and people. One thing for sure, no one can argue that Trump speaks his mind.

Finally, in keeping true to the tagline of my website, “Piping in the news and Flushing out the Bullshit,” please let me inform you that Elvis was not kidnapped by aliens and will not be returning to earth, Michelle Obama does not have a penis and who really gives a damn rather or not Trump bull shitted People Magazine 30 years ago?

Editors note:

Folks, over the last nine months, I have become so pissed off at the media lying to the American public about Donald Trump that I published this website, www.getoffthebs.com (yes, the bs is short for BULLSHIT) to attempt to relate the real truth to anyone who bothers to read it….about 5,000 people a day so far.

I want to thank all of my readers for making GetofftheBS a very popular website.