Opinion by David Leonard – June 4, 2016

As I watch the beginning of our next Presidential Election, I am seeing a dedicated very wealthy self-proven businessman take on the Clinton’s and offers himself on behalf of our country, nothing more.

Donald Trump has all the wealth that he could ever want; he has all the power that most of us could never handle.

The only thing he wishes is to Make America Great Again. At the age of 70, I have seen much in my lifetime but never have I witnessed the damage done to this country by our current President or the people he had selected for office such as Hillary Clinton.

Her willingness to except her husband after her husband had many affairs outside their marriage was of course a serious weakness in her.

Her selection of him to campaign along with her is a blatant testament to her disrespect for every American Citizen because of what her husband, then the President, did with Ms. Lewinski in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse that is actually owned by every American Citizen.

The Clinton’s Blatant Disrespect for the American Public

Yes, it disgusts me that these two people, meaning the Clinton’s, could have anything to do with American Politics.

We have all witnessed the criminal tendencies of the Clinton’s from White Water in Arkansas to the present.

We all have witnessed the questionable deaths of many people from the Clinton’s inner circle.

We all know that Ms. Clinton’s daughter may very well be the child of her lawyer Vince Foster, she had an affair with her while she was First Lady and then mysteriously killed himself across the street from the Whitehouse.

We all have witnessed the four Benghazi Deaths because of a deliberate lack of response for assistance by Crooked Hillary Clinton, then US the Secretary of State.

The Clinton’s bring to this country the worst of the worst. To think of the support she is actually building is insulting to every citizen in this country.

The constant lies that come from the Clinton’s is actually incredible.

To disgrace Donald Trump is almost impossible, as he has nothing to gain by taking on the many problems Obama has created.

Obama’s Treachery Will Take Years to Correct

It will take the next President four full years just to correct what has been done wrong. God help us all if Barrack Obama is actually a liar and all of the questionable subjects that surround him cannot be proven to be true.

As soon as Obama is out from under the protection of the Presidential Shield, we will know the truth on all of the questions as they will have to be proven totally with published documents or they will be termed lie’s.

His birth country, schools, and hospital he was born in, birth certificate, will all have to be supported and proven.

My fear is the future ramifications of what was and is a long range plan by the Muslim Empire that includes Obama and his wife to make this country weaker. both Internationally and Financially.  My fear is for yours and my grandchildren.