While watching Hannitys’ video, my first reaction was to laugh at the stupidity of these protestors.  I mean, give me a break.  You are out there possibly facing arrest for creating a disturbance, yet you really have no clue why you are out there protesting.   Criticize me if you want to, but I find that kind of stupidity hilarious.

As the video played on, my next reaction to it was to contemplate the question, if one of these young people were one of my college age children, would I be embarrassed for my relatives, co-workers and or friends to see this video.  Well yeah, but before you crucify me, please let me explain.

I am all for people protesting in a civil matter when they believe they are being subjected to unfair policies, prosecution for standing up for their civil rights and or just stating their opinion, even if their opinion does not make any sense to me.  I mean, that is what free speech is all about, right? 

Why I would not want my relatives, co-workers and or friends to see the idiots in this video, if in fact any of them were my children, is because I would be embarrassed over my children’s stupidity.  Seriously, you are out creating a disturbance and you don’t even have a clue why you are protesting?

The people in this video are the people who will be running this country in the future?  Did anyone watching this video think, oh that person promulgated some great points?  Did anyone watching this video think, I am proud of any of these people?  They are well educated?  Wow, I wish that was my kid out there standing up for what he or she believes in? 

Again, give me a break…..these morons didn’t have a clue about the issues they were protesting. 

When I got done watching this video, I went from laughing to outrage to just plain feeling sick to my stomach. I live in a state (Texas) that in my opinion has some of the highest property taxes in the country.

 I pay an insane amount of money every year in property taxes and tolls to drive on roads, that the majority of the taxes are supposed to be funding schools.  Yet, I run in to high school graduates daily that quite frankly are some of the most stupidest people I ever met.  I thought this was only a problem in California and Texas (The only two states I ever lived in long enough to have such an opinion).  Obviously, Wisconsin schools are also turning out some of the biggest morons in this world.

If I and or anyone else who watched this video got nothing else from it other than a laugh, outrage or feeling ill over it, I don’ think anyone could argue that after watching some of our nations college age students acting like asinine idiots, that we have a serious problem with our education system in this country that seriously needs to be addressed. 

Maybe I am wrong?  But if so, are the people in this video people you would want living next door to you?  Running our country?  If not, what do you do with them? 

Finally, if you think these people are just a small majority of the youth in our country (18 – 24 year olds) I challenge you to strike up some conversations with your neighbors children and draw your own conclusions.  And for you people writing big tuition checks every month for your college aged children, I pray that your children are getting a better education than these idiots are obtaining.