The past few weeks, months and year have not been good ones for Hillary Clinton.  Since the information about her private servers being used for government business has surfaced, the FBI has been all over the former Secretary of State and Senator’s staff, asking them questions and demanding answers about Hillary’s email.  Add to that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests made by groups such as Judicial Watch from her staff and Mrs. Clinton, the evidence has been stacking up against her.

The Disastrous Results of ‘Hope and Change’ have been Authored by Hillary Clinton

In a fit of Alzheimer’s or whatever insane thought that came into his head (?) this week, Bill Clinton accused members of Black Lives Matter protesters of being supportive of murderers and then went on to inform them as a “white man,” that “Black Lives Matter—in Africa too.”  You might expect someone else to come out with that, but Bill Clinton?  Isn’t he supposed to be supporting his wife?

And by now we have all heard about Bill Clinton’s “tête-à-tête” with Loretta Lynch on her official government plane (and just what WERE they talking about?)  Is he trying to help his wife or get her in more trouble?

And recently, The New York Daily News editorial board had a meeting with Hillary in which someone asked — for the first time in this campaign and it was a question that was shouted to her in a rally in Los Angeles, CA —  “What was your role in Honduras following the 2009 military coup?” Hillary’s response was weak and embarrassing; at first, she appeared to defend the coup saying that the Honduran judiciary and legislature “followed the law” in removing president Zelaya the way they did.  Okay Hillary (wink, wink) we buy that.

For those who have not read their history books or researched this on the Internet, Hillary lied.  This illegal coup went down when the military kidnapped the democratically elected president of Honduras, still wearing his pajamas, put him on a plane, and flew him right out of the country. It is difficult to see where “followed the law” applied in this case.  Even if the official order was not given judicially or by legislative order to the military, they certainly followed it. And everyone else in the world was shocked and viewed it as an illegal military coup, including Hillary’s top advisers.

The policy planning office director on Hillary’s staff, Anne-Marie Slaughter, urged Hillary to “find that [the] coup was a ‘military coup’ under U.S. law and revoke the visas of more de facto regime members;” Ann worried in the same email she sent that “high level people from both the business and the NGO community say that even our friends are beginning to think we are not really committed to the norm of Constitutional democracy.”

The U.S. Embassy in Honduras determined afterwards that “that there is no doubt that the military, Supreme Court and National Congress conspired on June 28 in what constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup …”

But in her position as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton conspired and assisted the military coup in Honduras to succeed, consolidate, and legitimate itself even as it violently and thoroughly cracked down on the media and the opposition and the Honduran people.

hillary clinton looking pleased with herself

In Hillary Clinton’s book she authored, “Hard Choices,” she has described how she assisted in preventing the Honduran democratically elected president from returning to his home and office, even though the rest of the world was screaming and demanding that she allow him to do so; including the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS).

“In the subsequent days [after the coup] I spoke with my counterparts around the hemisphere, including Secretary [Patricia] Espinosa in Mexico,” Clinton wrote in her book. “We strategized on a plan to restore order in Honduras and ensure that free and fair elections could be held quickly and legitimately, which would render the question of Zelaya moot.” (In case you have the paperback edition of the book from last year, the section on Honduras has been edited out. The above quote is from the original, hardcover edition.)

Hillary lied:  The “elections” that she said she helped organize for November 2009 in Honduras were not recognized as legitimate and fair by the rest of the region and the world. The Organization of American States, the European Union, and the Carter Center all refused to send observers as they knew the election results had been tampered with and were “fixed.”

Hillary Clinton’s ideas for “hope and change of regime” in other countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya have rightly so become a real concern for her in her presidential campaign. Thousands of Americans died in the Iraq War, and many more were gravely wounded. And hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians have died and millions more have been wounded and or displaced.  President Obama has specifically stated the “mess“ (or “shit-show,” as Jeffrey Goldberg reported Obama’s description) in Libya was his “worst mistake,” in which Hillary Clinton played a very decisive role and four men tragically died under her watch.

hillary clinton laughing

But Honduras especially has to be included on Hillary Clinton’s list of “regime change” operations that ruined countries, disgracing the U.S. in the region in the process. In the case of Honduras in 2009, it was the take down and overthrow of a democratic government that was working well for its people.  The end results have been terrible, they have caused poverty, hunger, violence and political repression and severe violations of human rights for women. This political repression resulted in the tragic and terrible assassination of renowned environmental campaigner, Berta Cáceres on March 3rd and fellow activist Nelson Garcia on March 15th, bringing the results of this “hope and change that Hillary Clinton illegally brought about into sharp and clear focus and review.  But in her own words, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Will Hillary Clinton in light of her many crimes, ever honestly answer to her active role in the “regime change” in Honduras in 2009?  I don’t see her answering for any of her many crimes, but justice may just catch up with her one day.