Brenda Corpian – Get Off The Bs – 2016-07-07

James Comey may not have flashed a conspirators smile at Hillary Clinton during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing this morning  if he had known that  the State Department announced this afternoon that it is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Although the former criminal secretary of state’s closest confidants have left the agency, they could still rightfully face punishment. The most serious is the loss of security clearances, which could complicate her aides’ hopes of securing top positions on her national security team if she becomes president.

The State Department started its review in January after declaring 22 emails from Clinton’s private server to be “top secret.” It was suspended in April so as not to interfere with the FBI’s inquiry. State Department spokesman John Kirby said the probe is restarting after the Justice Department’s announcement Wednesday that it won’t bring any criminal charges against Crooked Hillary Clinton.

“We will aim to be as expeditious as possible, but we will not put artificial deadlines on the process,” Kirby said. “Our goal will be to be as transparent as possible about our results, while complying with our various legal obligations.”

State Department Announces Reopening Clinton Email

Kirby wouldn’t say anything more about the precise information officials are evaluating. But when the probe was launched almost six months ago, officials said it pertained particularly to a set of emails that were upgraded to one of the nation’s highest classification levels. One question they said they were investigating was whether any of the emails were classified at the time of transmission.

Additionally Thursday, Republican lawmakers said they would now ask the FBI to investigate whether Clinton lied to the committee. That announcement came in a testy hearing with FBI Director James Comey, who defended the government’s decision not to prosecute Clinton over her private email setup.

Clinton was secretary of state until early 2013. Most of her top advisers left shortly thereafter.

But Kirby said this week former officials can still face punishment. Options range from counseling and warnings to the revocation of an individual’s security clearance.

Beyond the Democratic front-runner, the probe is will most likely examine confidants Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin — who wrote many of the emails to their boss that the various investigations have focused on. Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, has been viewed as a possibility for the same job in the White House. There is speculation that Sullivan, Clinton’s former policy chief, could be national security adviser.

“There could be repercussions,” Kirby told reporters Wednesday, saying infractions identified would be kept on file. If someone’s security clearance is taken away, he said it would have an effect “assuming that individual still needed the clearance to work in another federal agency or something like that.”

The State Department says it won’t identify former officials that still hold security clearances. But in an email Fox News made public earlier this year, the department described Mills as still holding a valid clearance.

Our political analysts at Get Off the Bs advise our readers to not be taken in by John Kirby’s bullshit.  His promises to conduct a serious investigation in to Crooked Hillary and her staffer’s criminal use of her private email servers is without a doubt nothing more than smoking mirrors.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing today sent the Obama administration in to a damage control frenzy.  The facts revealed today by James Comey concerning Crooked Hillary has definitely left her knee deep in her own bullshit, with her own supporters and those sitting on the fence trying to figure it all out.

Numerous questions that should of been propounded and answered today were left unsaid.  Many people will be mulling over why the media and government, never told us about Guccifer admitting to the FBI that he lied about hacking in to Hillary’s email servers and what that fact implies.  For instance, if he did not hack her servers than who leaked her email address and server information to the public?  More importantly, why would Hillary leak that information?

Additionally, the question concerning how Crooked Hillary and her husband made hundreds of millions of dollars during her stint as the U.S. Secretary of State has not been addressed. Certainly, the question as to whyMills, Abedin and Pagliano are not being charged for the felony offence of failing to disclose to the state department their second jobs with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, needs to be addressed?  And why is Hillary not being indicted for her aiding and abetting her own staffers and IT’s criminal non-disclosures?

Our nation and world was presented a mile high pile of bullshit today that stinks of corruption.  However, from the same bullshit many new revelations were revealed today that will definitely be focal points of many debates and conspiracy theories going forward in to the general election and beyond.  For instance, Comey was questioned about why his office was not recommending prosecution against Hillary for her repeatedly perjuring herself with Benghazi Commission.  His answer that he was not asked to look into that matter was both comical and insulting.  Folks, every law enforcement official in this country has a fiduciary duty to prosecute any criminal acts that they discover within their jurisdictions.  In fact, it is a crime for anyone to conceal their knowledge of a felony crime committed within their presence or knowledge.

For the sake of our families and our nation, the truth about the crimes Crooked Hillary and her band of merry idiots committed during her tenure as the U.S. Secretary of State, must  be brought to light.  As responsible God fearing Americans, we should not sit on our haunches and pray that Donald Trump will set things right, all on his own.   In all due consideration, what are you going to do to make a difference?

Brenda Corpian, still a little bruised and broken up, reporting for Get Off the Bs.