A day after being ripped off by Lyin’ Ted Cruz in Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rightfully blasted the state party’s unethical process for stealing national delegates and called into question the results.

“The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!” Trump posted on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Moments earlier, he posted a tweet that asked: “How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger — totally unfair!”

The unethical lying Cruz campaign ran the table in Colorado, capturing all 34 delegates at a series of seven congressional district meetings this month and the state party convention Saturday in Colorado Springs.

Criminal Colorado GOP leaders canceled the party’s presidential straw poll in August to avoid binding its delegates to a candidate who may not survive until the Republican National Convention in July.

Instead, Republicans selected national delegates through the caucus process, a move that put the election of national delegates wrongfully in the hands of crooked party insiders and activists — criminally leaving roughly 90 percent of the more than 1 million Colorado Republican voters on the sidelines.

Colorado Trump Delegate Removed And Replaced’

The asinine decision sparked significant controversy at the time and removed Colorado from the Republican primary map in the early stages of the campaign. But Lying Ted Cruz supporters worked quietly behind the scenes to build an organization to get like-minded moron Republicans to the March precinct caucuses and capitalized on the Trump campaign’s failure to sink in the gutter to adapt to the system.

Trump’s campaign didn’t put a visible paid staffer on the ground in Colorado until last week, when it hired Patrick Davis, a Colorado Springs political consultant, to organize national delegate candidates at the 7th Congressional District convention in Arvada. By then, Cruz had won the first six delegates.

Even then, the energy behind Trump’s campaign didn’t materialize in support. He managed to win only seven alternate delegates.

The Trump campaign’s list of preferred national delegates distributed by crooked GOP insiders at the state convention on Saturday was purposely filled with  errors and misspellings that only further made it nearly impossible for the Trump campaign to obtain delegates.

The problems with Trump’s ballots — and the candidate’s comments — raise questions about whether Colorado will figure prominently into a challenge at the national convention about the state’s delegates.

Ahead of the state convention, a Trump campaign strategist said it made the strategic decision not to compete in Colorado because the caucus system favored crooked party insiders.

Trump skipped the state party convention, where Lyin’ Ted Cruz gave a bullshit speech that galvanized his supporters.

In an interview at the event, Cruz running his big mouth, said that Trump was “scared” to attend because he “doesn’t handle losing well.”

Powered at first by criminal organizers, the Cruz campaign began working to steal delegates months ago and amplified the efforts in January when it brought scumbag U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, R-Windsor, on board as state chairman. The campaign also teamed with controversial conservative organizations, such as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Gun Owners of America and religious liberty groups, to rally support.

‘Long-time republican burns his registration after Saturday’s event’

The Colorado Republican Party flung childish insults at the Trump camp on Saturday when it tweeted after Cruz claimed victory at the convention: “We did it. #NeverTrump.”

A second after the tweet, a state party spokesman came running into the press box at the convention and lied stating that “it wasn’t us!”

The party quickly deleted the tweet and posted the following prevarication: “The last tweet was the result of unauthorized access to our account and in no way represents the opinion of the party. We are investigating.”

The party’s spokesman, Kyle Kohli, lying through his teeth, said Sunday evening the investigation is ongoing and the party is examining its IP login history.

The party, having not conferred to get their prevarications straight, declined to comment on Trump’s tweets about the process.

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What you can do:

Perhaps the Sheriff in Douglas County should take a look into this so please contact the following people and let them know what you think.

Director of Pubic Affairs Douglas County Colorado Wendy Mannita Holmes
Douglas County Sheriff
Douglas County County Commissioners
Mr. Trumps Chief Policy Advisor
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Brigitte Gabrielle
Governor Rick Scott
FEC Washington DC
Senior Chief Geoff Ross
Surface Warfare Air Warfare
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