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Written by Deborah Lucas

Could Hillary Clinton be a fraud and a hypocrite? It would appear so. Her entire platform as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, her tenure as a Senator of New York, her time as Secretary of State for the United States, and now as she runs for president, spouting off about women’s rights and equality, sexual abuse, reproduction, medical care and other women’s issues and has been named “The Hillary Doctrine.”

Hillary was marking the 20-year anniversary of her groundbreaking 1995 speech in Beijing on women’s rights. But the anniversary also raised an important question: Two decades later, are the world’s women better off for Clinton’s efforts on their behalf—or were those efforts mostly for show?

Asked last week specifically about Saudi Arabia’s donations to the Clinton Foundation, the former secretary of state, fresh off a speech about women’s rights at the United Nations and the release of a 50-page report on the status of women and girls in the world, responded, “There can’t be any mistake about my passion concerning women’s rights here at home and around the world. So I think that people who want to support the foundation know full well what it is we stand for and what we’re working on.” Should we take Clinton at face value?


But in her Crooked Clinton Criminal Foundation and her personal life, she doesn’t come off as someone who believes her rhetoric.

Take for instance her cozy and comfortable relationship with Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and, of course, Saudi Arabia; she receives steady LARGE donations and maintains friendly and close, personal relationships with officials from those countries.

The only problem with these close, personal relationships are that these countries do not support women’s rights, equality with men, protection from sexual abuse, reproduction, medical care or any other women’s issues.

In fact, under Sharia Law, women have NO rights in those countries. Child marriages with no legal age limit are common, the brides consent is not considered; the bride is not even required to be present, as long as the male guardian and the groom agree, physical abuses are common, reproduction is often, and Sharia Law does not list women’s rights as part of that Law.

Barbarianism in the form of stoning, crucifixion, drowning, beating, and rape are very common in those countries. So why does Hillary receive donations from these countries, when they support no rights for women, not even driving or owning property? Can we believe in her?


Just Saudi Arabia ranks 145th of 158 countries in the U.N. Development Program’s Gender Equality Index, making it among the worst countries to be female, despite considerable oil wealth. In 2008, that wasn’t the case; one woman stated “I used to walk, unaccompanied down the streets of Riyadh with no head covering, in casual clothing with my hair flying free.”

Because of extreme clerics now women are required to abide by a strict dress code being covered from top to toe in stifling black abaya and accompanied by a male guardian every time they go outside the home. But in 2011 for the first time since the Mutaween police enforced Sharia Law, women are allowed to vote and run for office, women are permitted to work as sales clerks in lingerie and cosmetic shops and four Saudi women were permitted to become lawyers.

But mobility is still a big problem, as women there are not allowed to drive, because of their ovaries and protecting them from harm.

Before extremist clerics, calling themselves the Ikhwan, or the Brotherhood, took control of the Grand Mosque at Mecca in 1979, women enjoyed a modest measure of autonomy. Now one woman describes living in Saudi Arabia as “living in the world’s largest women’s prison.”

But Hillary Clinton receives donations from this barbaric country.

Is this woman, Crooked Hillary, who has lied about being for women’s rights and issues, who receives donations from a country who promulgates the most vicious and subordinated violations of human rights and makes women into slaves and worse, can we trust her to be our next president? I don’t think we can trust her. She is a woman who ignores phone calls at 3 am.


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