Crooked Hillary and Her Asinine Band Of Morons Harass Trump Over Necessary Immigration Policy Reform

Amongst cries of protest over the Trump administrations recent measures to stem the flow of terrorists entering the US, many moron liberals and mainstream media pundits are on an anti-Trump feeding frenzy, completely missing the fact that Trump’s recent immigration ban should have been implemented months ago by the former Obama administration.

Unfortunately, the fact is that there are numerous terrorists living amongst the American public waiting on their opportunity to make a huge statement for their causes, which will undoubtedly leave more American’s dead in the wake of their insane terror campaigns.

In 2016, the shooting incidents in Sanbernadino California and Orlando Florida harshly reminded the American public of the fact that there are terrorists living amongst us, which leaves no doubt that are our current immigration vetting and enforcement policies have failed to keep terrorists from entering our country. I.E., said policies are not working.

Despite numerous outcries from sane American’s for immigration reform, the Obama administration chose to ignore the fact that our vetting polices / procedures are allowing terrorists to enter and live in our country. Now some leftover democratic morons, the mainstream media and some very stupid liberals are screaming for the impeachment of Trump because he wisely has chosen to do what is necessary to address a very serious and dangerous problem.

Yes President Trump has empathy for the innocent people who have been inconvenienced by his temporary immigration ban. The fact is that Donald John Trump does not like to see any American inconvenienced or treated unfairly. However, to implement harsh procedures to deal with a very dangerous crisis is much better than ignoring the same.

Unfortunately, there was no way for the Trump administration to address the issue without a few innocent people being temporarily inconvenienced in the process of fixing our immigration crisis.

Additionally President Trump is not prejudice against Muslims, however Trump is highly prejudice against any person and or persons who desire to murder people in our country. Trump’s immigration policy is very simple to understand—if you hate America, than don’t come here and if you are already here, get the hell out.

Of course, many of these violent and insane people don’t want to be identified which leaves the problem of coming up with policies and procedures to identify them. Unfortunately, there are many idiots in this country who either choose to ignore that fact and or are too stupid to want to do anything about it.

Crooked Hillary and Her Asinine Band Of Morons Harass Trump Over Necessary Immigration Policy ReformFor instance, on Saturday night an asinine federal judge in New York blocked part of President Donald Trump’s long overdue executive order on immigration reform on, ruling that authorities could not remove individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries who had arrived in US airports after the order had been issued.

US Judge Ann M. Donnelly held that the petitioners had a “strong likelihood of success” in establishing that their removal “violates their rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution.”

It should not be a shock to any sane person that Donnelly was appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama. The stupid bitch now sits on the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Is it unfair to call Donnelly a stupid bitch? Consider the fact that Donnelly is for lack of better words, an asinine liberal democrat who made no bones about supporting crooked Hillary Clinton. Now she is risking the lives of innocent American citizens to help her anti-Trump cronies attempt to disrupt the great things that President Trump is doing for our nation. Stupid bitch? You be the judge.

Our nation faces numerous crisis situation problems; immigration enforcement and vetting is one of the top three crisis situations our nation is facing today. We should all thank God that we have a new commander in chief who chooses to take crisis situations head on verses ignoring them. May God bless Donald John Trump and America.

This is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs.