If you have thought that this years election fraud and dirty tricks could not get any worse, you are wrong. Anonymous just released a video proving how Crooked Hillary and her merry band of asinine cronies have been rigging the lamestream media polls to constantly announce that the Crooked Bitch is leading in the General Election by as much as 11 points.

During the past several weeks many rumors have surfaced that election polling results have been deliberately skewed to indicate that Crooked Hillary is smoking Donald Trump in the General Election.

On July 30th of this year Get Off The Bs published an article entitled “Reuters/IPSOS Poll Radically Changes Methods To Favor Clinton” informing our readers that Reuters actually admitted that they were going manipulate their polling samples to favor Crooked Hillary. We were not surprised to learn today that it is in fact a crony of Crooked Hillary manipulating the phony election polling data that has been polluting the news lately.

The awesome hacker group Anonymous recently discovered Clinton campaign Federal Election Commission (FEC) financial financing that proves without a doubt that a criminal crony of Crooked Hillary, Geoffry Garin, has been providing the heavily skewed and inaccurate poling data to the lamestream media.

Geoffry Garin is the President of Hart Research Associates. According to the FEC financial filings, since July through September of 2016, Crooked Hillary Cunt’s superPac, Priorities USA Action, has paid $391,250 to Garin and his partners in crime, for polling data furnished to the lamestream media.


In consideration of the fact that the FEC is tasked with the duties of disclosing campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections, it is obvious that they are as blind to Crooked Hillary’s criminal acts as the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Tonight, Mr. Trump will be taking on Crooked Hillary in their final debate. There is no doubt that the biased moderators and Lyin Cunt Hillary will be slamming Trump with their recent and pathetic attempts to paint him as a molester of women. Hopefully, Trump will question Crooked Hillary about her repeated attempts to rig the 2016 General Election.

Prior to publication on an article, Get Off The BS to send a copy of this article to both Donald Trump and Crooked Killary bitch. Trump was very quick to respond stating that,

“Lacy, you know that Crooked Hillary and her staff have been working in the background from day one to rig this election—I still beat her 100%.”

The cunts response was quite different,

“I am tired of your nonsense. You people are nothing to me and if you keep fucking with me you will soon be nothing.”

This is a pissed off Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS. A personal note to Killary, fuck you bitch—learn to play by the rules.   Please vote for Trump, because a vote for anyone else is just plain stupid.