Written by Deborah Lucas

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a FAKE and a PHONY, when she talks about how “she is for women’s rights” and she is “against sexual assault of women.” That bitch is lying right through her false dentures! She has NO regard for women or rights of women, only when it comes to winning the presidency.

Basically, Monica Lewinsky was terrified of Hillary, when she spoke out about Bill Clinton and their affair. The other women who had affairs were hushed up and either killed or given “hush money.” The ones who got pregnant were forced to have abortions.

But the “lulu” story I just dug up from Crooked Hillary’s past might just be the worst thing she has ever pulled off!

In 1974, Hillary Rodham Clinton was just 27 years old and working as a lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was her first case and she screwed up a young 12 year old girl’s life!

The young girl was just 12 years old, with no sexual experience and she went on a group outing with a man, Thomas Alfred Taylor, who was a drifter living with this young girl’s family, a 15 year old boy (unidentified) and a few other people. The 12 year old girl and the 15 year old boy got separated from the group and were in the truck, when the man came back to the truck and raped and beat the young girl senseless. She was in a coma in the hospital for five days, recovering from a beating that left her scarred and unable to have children.

She was medically examined and deemed to have been raped, the police recovered a pair of men’s undershorts that had blood on them, and the young girl was polygraphed; she did not pass the lie detector test the first time when the police asked her questions about the assault, because she was so innocent that she didn’t understand the questions related to sexual positions. Once they explained it to her, she passed the polygraph test. She identified her attackers through a one-way window.

Clinton was appointed by the Circuit Court of Washington County, Arkansas, to defend Thomas Alfred Taylor, by the prosecutor on the case because Taylor had requested a female lawyer. At the time of the court case the sentence for first-degree rape was five to life. At Clinton’s request, Taylor pled guilty to the unlawful fondling of a child under the age of fourteen, which carried a sentence of five years and in his case, four of those years were suspended and additional time was credited before trial for time served. The second rapist was never charged.

Clinton subjected this 12 year old child to a detailed psychiatric evaluation, she falsely reported that she was “informed that the child is mentally unstable, liable to seek out older men and build fantasy worlds around them, due to being from a dysfunctional family, and that she had made false accusation in her past against men for assault. Clinton also in her statement for defense claimed that the child was “stubborn and had a temper when she didn’t get her way.” The young lawyer put the nail in the coffin with this statement: “I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences, and that adolescents with disorganized families, such as the complainant, are even more prone to such behavior” (Strauss, 2014).

The victim in all of this, an innocent young girl who was brutally raped and beaten stated in her defense, “I have never accused anyone of assaulting or raping me in the past, this is the first time something like this has ever happened to me.”

The young victim is 52 years old now. She says, “Hillary Rodham Clinton took me through Hell.” This woman has been completely traumatized about what happened to her. She states, “I have never accused anyone else of assaulting or raping me in the past.   “I know she [Mrs. Clinton] was lying,” she said in the interview with The Beast. “I definitely didn’t see older men. I don’t know why Hillary put that in there and it makes me plumb mad.”  Mrs. Clinton “…wanted it to look good, she didn’t care if those guys did it or not,” the rape victim says.

“Them two guys should have got a lot longer time. I do not think justice was served at all.”

Doctors told the rape victim she would probably never be able to have children as a result of the assault.  She remained afraid of men for years, and dealt with anger issues well into her adulthood. At one point, she turned to drugs, a path that ultimately led her to prison.

The victim has never been married or was able to have children. She has been sober for several years and has achieved a level of stability, although she remains unemployed and living on disability assistance.  She was apparently not aware of the final disposition of Taylor’s case until the interview with The Daily Beast.  “I had been through so much stuff I finally told them to do whatever,” she remembered. “Hillary had scared me so bad that I was tired of being put through it all. I finally said I was done… I thought they had both gotten long-term sentences, I didn’t realize they got off with hardly nothing.”

Arkansas reporter Roy Reed, while researching an article on the Clintons for Esquire years ago (the article was never published), taped an interview with Mrs. Clinton.  The Daily Beast obtained a copy.  On the tapes Mrs. Clinton, who interestingly speaks with a Southern drawl, appears to acknowledge that she was aware of her client’s guilt, brags about successfully getting the only piece of physical evidence (the undershorts) ruled inadmissible, and laughs about it all whimsically.  To wit:

“He [the rapist] took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” Clinton says on the recording, while chuckling;

Police had lost the piece of the undershorts that contained defendant’s blood, and Clinton contacted a Nobel-Prize-winning blood expert in New York to testify that the remaining evidence was insufficient for valid identification;

As a result, Taylor only served one year on his sentence and was released.

In either case, Mrs. Clinton lied about the case and should just admit what the public “knows.”  Otherwise, though, I believe Mrs. Clinton violated a duty of loyalty to her client by laughingly defaming him, even if her defamatory insinuation is true (as I here suppose it to be). Too, she falsely accused a young innocent girl of being what she wasn’t and basically ruined her life.

Is Hillary REALLY that concerned about women’s rights? Is she really about protecting women from sexual assaults and rape? Why did she NOT protect the women who were victimized and raped by her own perverted husband? Why did she set out to threaten, bribe and even hurt the women who were affected by what her own husband did to them? Is she fit to be our first woman president, just because she has a vagina? I don’t think so!


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