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The Clinton Email Scandal factually indicates that Crooked Hillary repeatedly communicated top secret information back and forth from her home email server, to circumvent government computers and security software that would of prevented her from doing so and recorded her illegal activities.

To compound her illegal activities, Crooked Hillary lied to congress, a federal crime pursuant to section 18 USC 1001, about using her server to circumvent the government from having any record of her illegal activity, whereas she was sending and receiving classified information with people who did not have the security clearances to receive the same.

Pursuant to section 18 USC 798, it is a federal class ‘A’ felony for any government employee to share top-secret information with people not authorized to receive it, which is considered detrimental to the security of the United States.

One can only speculate what motivated Crooked Hillary to risk imprisonment by circumventing government scrutiny to share top secret and classified information through her personal email with people who had no business seeing and or hearing about the same.

However, considering the hundreds of millions of dollars the Clinton foundation receives from special interest groups and lobbyists, could it be that Hillary was using her capacity as the Secretary of State to advance the interests of the these paid clients? Hopefully, the real truth will eventually come out.


Factual History of the Scandal

There is substantial evidence that Hillary Clinton had repeatedly violated the law during her tenure as the US Secretary of State. Judge Jeanine Pirro in her video, lays out the facts of what laws Crooked Hillary violated and the prevarications she has given in an attempt to escape prosecution and public ridicule for the same.

Crooked Hillary unlawfully used her unsecured computer servers in her Westchester, New York home for sending and receiving top secret and classified documents.

Crooked Hillary, confirmed as Secretary of State in January of 2009 by the Obama administration was responsible for making and preserving State Department records, pursuant to the Federal Records Act of 1950.

Pursuant to CFR 1236.22 , any State Department employees must use all reasonable precautions to preserve all records concerning State Department business.

Nine days after the Benghazi attack, the US Congress requested all documented facts from the State Department regarding the attack.

Arguably, due to Crooked Hillary’s stone walling the congress for the requested documented evidence, congress sent additional messages to Crooked Hillary demanding that she turn over all information about the Benghazi attacks to congress for investigation. Clinton and here employees at the State Department failed to comply with the request.

Immediately after the Benghazi attack, thousands of foyer requests by the public, press and government officials were sent to the State Department. Crooked Hillary’s lawyers denied that the State Department and or Clinton were in possession of any records of the attack and did nothing to preserve the records they did in fact have.

Due to the State Department and Crooked Hillary denying that she was in possession of any records concerning the attack, Congress issued a subpoena to Clinton to turn over all records that she or the State Department may have had.

When Crooked Hillary was asked why she failed to abide by the subpoena, Clinton resorted to more prevarications, stating that she did not receive the subpoena.


Concerning any emails that Clinton and or the State Department may have been in possession of that involved Clinton’s communications with the US Embassy in Benghazi, Crooked Hillary denied she ever emailed anyone at the Benghazi embassy; however Clinton was seen boarding a plane to Libya just prior to the attacks, using her Blackberry to transmit messages.

When Hillary’s associate Sidney Bloomenthal was forced to turn over his emails, several of his emails were found to be between him and Crooked Hillary, busting her sorry posterior in a lie.

In panic mode, Hillary and her aides went through over 61,000 emails on her personal email servers, deleting over 31,000 emails, claiming they were personal. Of the 30,000 emails she did turn over to Congress, she testified that none of them contained classified information.

When the US Attorney General sampled 40 of her emails, 4 of them contained highly classified material. Hillary responded by falsely testifying that the emails were not marked classified, so she did not know they contained classified material.