Tuesday May 3, 2016 – Get Off The BS
Story contributed to by Deborah Lucas

Lyin’ Ted ‘The Antichrist’ Cruz’s campaign is attempting to pull a trademark Lyin’ Ted ‘Snake In The Grass’  hoax on America. Cruz Campaign sources speaking to their asinine supporters report that Lyin’ Ted is not done with the campaign and seeks to lay low, grab some wayward delegates, then surface just in time for the California primaries.

Anita Bagley Brown ~ a volunteer activist and campaign supporter for Lyin’ Ted ‘The Antichrist’ Cruz, reported late Tuesday evening to Cruz supporters, stating that:

FOLKS: I want to let y’all know that Ted Cruz saying that he is suspending his campaign is him not quitting. He said he is gonna keep fighting & he is not giving up…the same things that our former president Reagan said.

Reagan also suspended his campaign before the California primary because he was falling way behind from the person he was running against. But behind the suspension, Reagan was strategizing, picking up delegates behind the scene & lots of prayer & fasting.[1]

The media hated Reagan too and he had to get the media out of the way and that’s what Cruz is doing! Cruzers, y’all never give up! Cruz is doing a Reagan strategy.

Reagan also said his VP pick right before the California primary & Ted is doing the same! Reagan won California primary and he later on went to a contested convention and won!

History is repeating itself and everyone should never give up! That’s what the media wants you to think but God has an Ace up His sleeve and it’s Ted Cruz.


Lyin’ Ted’s concession speech Tuesday night smelled of bullshit. Those familiar with the prevaricating Cruz could not have missed that his words of his concession speech were deliberately spoken slow.

Considering that Lyin’ Ted cannot go a day without spinning one line of bullshit after another, no one in their right mind could ever believe he would concede the Republican race even though he got kicked in his vagina in Indiana.

Remember, two weeks ago, Lyin’ Ted got his posterior handed to him with a five state clean sweep by the Trump Train, sent for a new piece of ass and headed to Indiana for another shot at derailing the Trump Train.

Lying Ted said in his speech tonight said that, “I said I would continue 0n as long as there is a viable path to victory.  It appears (with emphasis) that path has been closed”  Although most Cruz supporters are for the most part, brain dead, Lying Ted Cruz has never made any remarks that indicated he would quit for any reason. [the words ‘appears that path has’ verses ‘the path has’ does not state a finality]

Lyin’ Ted has made numerous remarks over the past week that although he was confident that he would win in Indiana, if he lost in Indiana, it would not make much of a difference in his winning in a contested nomination.

According to KPRC Channel 2 News in Houston, all employees/volunteers at Lyin Ted’s campaign headquarters in Houston, have been instructed by Cruz campaign officials not to talk wth anyone until notified otherwise and released a brief statement stating that all employees feel that Lyin’ “Ted Cruz is an honorable man and a great person to work for.” [note that the aforementioned statement does not state that Lying Ted’s campaign headquarters office will be closing.]

There is no doubt that Lying Ted Cruz hates Trump and has done everything he can to derail Trump’s Train, running defaming ads, smear campaigns and spending millions of dollars, financed by crooked PACS and special interests.

The smell of Lying Ted Cruz’s bullshit stinks all the way to the office of GOP leader Reince Priebus.


Arguably it is a very far stretch to believe that a man who for the past nine months has repeatedly denounced Trump, stating at one time that even if the GOP had to concede the 2016 election to Crooked Hillary Clinton, that he would never allow Trump to be nominated as the GOP Presidential nominee, is now wanting to back Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump and Paul Manafort, would do well to never forget Trump’s poem about “The Snake.” Cruz and Priebus may be wounded for the moment, however that does not change the fact that they are both venomous snakes. Snuggling up to them may be the a fatal mistake that will kill the Trump campaign.

Editors note:

Mr. Trump…..you may want to consider the fact that you recited your “Snake” poem on many occasions. You may be wise to consider that many people other than your supporters are well versed in its wording.

You may want to additionally consider the fact that it would not be unimaginable that both Lyin’ Ted and Priebus would thoroughly enjoy being the ‘snakes’ that end up biting you in the ass.


[1] Cruz was most likely referring to information contained in the following publication:

William J. Bennett, American Last Hope, volume III, (Oct. 2011)