Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is in turmoil after repeated allegations of unsavory campaign tactics by his Republican rivals, leading some key supporters to call for a shake-up in the candidate’s message and strategy.

One of Cruzs’ most staunch supporters, now a Trump supporter recently, recently lit in to Ted Cruz, stating in her letter to Cruz that:

Dear Lying Ted Rafael Cruz,

Ted your a liar. You have told so many lies I quit counting.  Trump has never said he was going to turn Obamacare into socialized medicine.  It’s just one thing after another coming out of your potty mouth that is not true.  And one big issue with me is that Trump came out strong in favor of protecting our borders and not allowing anymore illegals into the country.  You never said he would do that, until Trump did, and then you started changing your tune.  As usual, your lying about that too.

You are just like all the other politicians in DC.  They’ve all been bribed and bought…and they’ll all say whatever George Soros wants them to say.  http://bold.global/matthew-sheffield/2015/12/17/did-ted-cruz-support-amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants-it-depends-on-your-definition/

On a personal note, I worked very hard on your campaign for you.  I can no longer in good conscious support your campaign.  May God be your judge.

Cynthia Holt

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