By Brenda Corpian – June 19, 2016

What proof will cause you wake up to the fact that an imminent plan is in place for Obama to declare Martial Law; is it something more than a conspiracy theory? The Democracy Spring group is living proof that Martial Law is imminent.

Do you need firm evidence that the mainstream media is controlled by worldwide elites pushing the stories that support their benefactors, versus providing the American public the factual news they need to hear about what is really going on?

Please consider the following:  It has been nearly nine months since protesters halted the Donald Trump rally in Chicago, yet the above video just recently came to light depicting a horrific dissent in Chicago droning: “Death to America,” “Free Palestine,” and “Death to Israel!”

The Chicago dissent is very similar to the furnished strains that emitted throughout the weekend between the Black Panthers and Muslims challenging people outside a Mosque.

The revealing of the demonstrations that were conducted during both the Chicago and Dallas Trump rallies is absolute proof that Soros’ group Democracy Spring has held at least two demonstrations to create civil unrest under the cover of Trump rallies.

On account of the problems that halted the Trump rally, the mainstream media did not accurately cover the story. Instead, they chose to outright lie. We now know it wasn’t Trump supporters that were crazy, yet rather it was a gathering of paid infiltrators sent by George Soros specifically to wreak havoc.

As you can see in the video, the greater part of the infiltrators protest was a side show to what was really going on which apparently led to an aggregate mainstream media gag order.

Arguably, most people will highly benefit from allowing the actuality that the media did not report the outfitted encounter throughout the weekend or the gigantic Muslim walk in the video, to serve as notice to wake up before we find ourselves past the point of no return.

That is the reason you ought to get ready now, while there is still time to arm up.

Review that back in March, a previous government prosecutor cautioned the patriotic American public that Obama was anticipating a race war igniting over the mid year.

That is the reason many have said all signs are directed toward Obama suspending the 2016 presidential election and announcing Martial Law as the end of his term moves closer.

niggers-gone-crazy-in-chicago-get off the bs

In a late meeting with the GOP, Dr. Ben Carson rehashed the exact same conclusion saying that “Obama may just suspend the 2016 races, and that wasn’t the first run through,,.,”

There is a reason the Pentagon is getting ready for prodigious civil unrest. They were ready (by their own affirmation), much sooner than Soros’ new gathering, “Democracy Spring” who have guaranteed the biggest common uprising in our country’s history.

That is the reason there has been reports (with video) of UN Peacekeepers as of now on US soil, and why the Army is not preparing for the fight to come, but instead they are preparing for mob control and Martial Law.