Just minutes after polls closed on Tuesday night (4/26/2016) Lyin Ted Cruz was at his lying best during his rally at the Hoosiers Gym in Knightstown, Indiana.

Lyin Ted Cruz started his night of prevarications by telling his small audience that he had a “major announcement” to make, further stating that Hillary Clinton had made her decision who her running mate would be going in to the General election, insanely naming Donald Trump as her choice for a Vice President.

It is hard to understand how Lying Ted Cruz can keep a straight face while telling one lie after another. There is no doubt that Lying Ted Cruz definitely suffers from mental illness; certainly he is a pathological liar and suffers delusions of grandeur.

Throughout Lyin’ Ted’s rally tonight, he made numerous false statements about Donald Trump’s policies, that it is hard to imagine how anyone in the room listening to his garbage speech did not call him on his bullshit.

Furthermore, during Lyin’ Ted’s speech, he falsely told his audience that it is not a ‘farfetched idea that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could run together’, because they both are in agreement with most of each others policies.

Listening to Lying Ted’s speech tonight, there is no doubt that his campaign strategy has now switched to his pathetic attempt to convince people that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share the same political views.

Expounding on his prevarications about Trump and Clinton, Lying Ted Cruz claimed that, “Donald and Hillary are flip sides of the same coin.”

Almost every word that came out of Lying Ted Cruzs’ mouth tonight were outright lies. For instance, concerning Donald Trump’s promise to immediately repeal Obama Care, Ted Cruz suggested that, “Donald Trump has pledged to expand Obama care in to socialized medicine.”

On Donald Trump’s position that state governments should not create transgender bathroom regulations that cause businesses to leave their states, Lying Ted Cruz stated that, “Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton believe that grown men should be allowed to use restrooms with little girls..”

ted_cruz_liar_getoffthebsOn Donald Trump’s position to repeal Common Core education and return education to local schools, Lyin Ted Cruz stated that, “according to Donald, education is the core responsibility of the federal government.”

Lying Ted Cruz, evidently not satisfied with telling numerous lies about both Clinton and Trump, really went off the deep end tonight by finishing up towards the end of his speech, shoveling bullshit that was so off the wall, that anyone who ever heard a Trump speech would have been scratching their head in disbelief.

Cruz actually had the audacity to claim that, “the Clinton and Trump campaigns are captive to the Washington lobbyists’.

The most Hilarious part of Lying Ted’s speech tonight was actually the closest he came to telling the truth throughout the night, when he stated, “I am the same man today as I was yesterday.”

Yes, Ted Cruz was the same pathological liar tonight as he was yesterday.

Editors note:

Although there are no legal statutes that prohibit politicians from lying during political campaigns, to allow Ted Cruz to continue working in any political office would be a travesty of justice.

After hearing Lying Ted’s speech tonight I am even more convinced that any primary he has won to this date, must have resulted from voter fraud.  I refuse to believe that America has hundreds of thousands of morons living here.

However, I have to admit that I may give Cruz supporters more credit than they deserve.  I almost literally pissed my pants laughing when Lying Ted said tonight that Trump claims that Hillary Clinton was the greatest Secretary of State our nation ever had.

My laughing came to an abrupt halt from a cold chill that went down my spine when every person in the gym clapped after hearing his outrageous statement rather than numerous people there walking out the door.

Only the most stupid idiot in the world would of believed a single word that came out of Cruzs’ mouth tonight.

A Personal Note to the Mainstream Media:

Your so-called journalists are like vultures on Donald Trump for saying anything that you don’t find politically correct, yet a Senator from Texas tells one lie after another to a group of potential voters, and you don’t print a word about it.  Seriously folks, there is a difference in stretching the truth on a few issues than propounding a speech maliciously peppered from start to finish with outrageous prevarications.  I am definitely a proponent of amending the First Amendment to allow citizens to sue media companies.  Shame on you idiots!  Be assured, the day that someone can sue you for your dishonest behavior, you can be assured I will be one the first to file a civil action against you clowns.