Is Donald Trump an Actor of is he one of the greatest business geniuses of all time? In my opinion, I believe that I like many other people, have often wondered why Donald Trump chose to star on the television show, The Apprentice.

Arguably one could ask why a billionaire who earns approximately $250m a year from his real estate holdings would work for a period of 14 years as a television star of a reality television show for approximately $15,285,000 annually.

Sure most people would consider a job for $15m a year a hell of a lot of money, however to a billionaire, an annual salary of $15m a year, would likely seem like a significant demotion in pay and position.

It would be interesting to consider, would Donald Trump accept an offer for a position with a large corporation, for instance as a CEO, for the compensation of $15m annually? In my opinion, Trump would understanably turn down such an offer.

Many critics of Donald Trump claim that he is an egomaniac, a person who cannot live without being the center of the world’s attention. While others who can relate to and or understand Mr. Trump, such as real estate mogul and billionaire Tom Barrack, paint a whole different picture about Donald J. Trump.

Frankly, I never really understood why Trump decided to star on the Apprentice for over 14 years. I remember hearing a rumor once that after Ivana Trump divorced Trump that he ran in to some financial problems and needed a job.

The answer to that question is so obvious that I am ashamed that I needed to hear Tom Barrack give the answer to my question before I realized why Donald Trump chose to star on the Apprentice.

“As he built the brand, the Donald became more celebrity oriented over the apprentice, the value of his real estate empire became greater and greater.”

In consideration of the fact that Marriot Hotels in 2015, spent $47.2m in television advertising and that in 2012, Hilton Hotels spent $269.1m in total advertising, Trump having been paid $15.1m a year to basically advertise his hotels and commercial properties, was definitely an awesome business decision that most likely awed both Arne M. Sorenson (CEO Marriot) and Christopher J. Nassetta (CEO of Hilton Worldwide).

Donald Trump appears on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice.
Donald Trump appears on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.

I submit that the media who for obvious, yet asinine reasons, rarely ever has anything positive to say about Donald Trump, turn their media efforts on publicizing the following to every American voter:

The Federal Government ran by politicians collects about $6.6 trillion in a year in taxes and through very asinine business type deals is in debt of over $19 trillion.

Donald Trump inherited $1m and through very brilliant business decisions built an empire worth over $10b that is virtually debt free.

In consideration of the two aforementioned facts, who would you rather have running your country, a group of people who have mismanaged our countries finances, leaving American’s in debt for over $19 trillion or a person who manages a business using brilliant business practices to build a virtually debt free empire worth over $10b?

Finally, at some point, the media and the public needs to decide what is the most important issue at this crucial time in our nations history, leading our country out of an economic collapse that will destroy our country as we know it or whether or not Trump is a politically correct, woman hating, bigot, self-pulicising egomaniac?