Michael Cohen - Trump Special Counsel

Michael Cohen – Trump Special Counsel

GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump will most likely pass on suing The New York Times over its malicious hit piece article about Donald Trump and his former relationships with women through the years.

However the New Your Times definitely owes Trump and his former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane a retraction and apology over the garbage slander they published this past Saturday, (May 14, 2016) Executive Vice President and Trump special counsel Michael Cohen said Tuesday.

“They need to actually be fair because they’re destroying their paper,” Cohen told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on the “New Day” program.

On Monday, Brewer Lane told Fox News that she was very upset about how the Times prevaricate her relationship with Trump, and that the newspaper had repeatedly lied to her about how it would tell her story.

The Times in a asinine statement Monday said it stands behind its story, which Trump called “false, malicious and libelous,” including then nonsense the Times spun about Brewer Lane.

Cohen told Cuomo that “everything” in the media about Trump in the past week has been negative, but “yet you don’t hear anything negative right now” in regard to Crooked Hillary Clinton or her husband, former President Bill ‘the Pervert’ Clinton.

For example, a story that came out about how $2 million disappeared from the Clinton Foundation, paid for one of Bill Clinton’s alleged ex-girlfriends,” said Cohen. “Where is the story on that? We’re talking about people, who are looking to run for the presidency of the United States of America. It should be fair and unbiased.”

Cohen accused The Times for deliberately embellishing the facts of the story after numerous interviews with former employees and girl friends of Donald Trump repeatedly praised Trump

Despite Michael Barbaro’s, reporter for the New York Times, attempts to manipulate the testimony of Trump’s former employees and girlfriends to suit Barbaro’s hit piece on Trump, all the people who were interviewed had nothing but positive things to say about Trump.

“Mr. Trump is not a sexist,” said Cohen, insisting the candidate treats everyone the same. “He is not a misogynist. I’ve walked shoulder-to-shoulder for a decade with him. I’ve never seen him behave any way that is described about Mr. Trump in this New York Times article. I just have never, ever seen it.”

Meanwhile, Clinton’s biggest problem is that she has a low favorability rate among men, said Cohen.

“She has to stick with the women, right,” he said, responding to a new anti-Trump ad released by a pro-Clinton super PAC. “Otherwise, she is going to be blown out of this race.

So what is the best thing to do, she is going to turn around and try to create this gender warfare between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters.”

Arguably, Crooked Hillary is performing as poorly with men as Republicans do with Hispanics.  She won’t win a general election unless she can miraculously close the gender gap.