Donald Trump: The Man You Don't Know

I awaken every morning to my normal routine of skimming the latest headlines to see which moron pundit has falsely written about Trump. During the past 17 months I cannot remember one day that I have not found at least one story written in the news about Donald John Trump.

Interestingly, I have never read any articles about Trump that I could reasonably state tells the whole story about a man that I have known for over 20 years, who has sacrificed so much to help others live better lives.

Arguably, many people who think they know everything there is to know about Trump either love, hate, or envy Donald regardless of how anyone else feels towards Trump; very few people truly understand what it is like to walk one day in his shoes.

Trump has led a very interesting life over the past 70 years of his existence. He has both built and toppled empires, traveled the world in his own custom built flying palace and hobnobbed with the rich and famous. I am certain that many books and movies will be written about Trump in the future; however I doubt anyone will ever write about what it is actually like to spend one day walking in Donald Trump’s shoes.

Sadly, I would not want to live one day in Trump’s shoes.   Trump awakens every morning to reading the latest prevarications that the dishonest mainstream media pundits have written about his family and or him.

As his day progresses, Trump meets with his security detail to discuss the latest death threats targeted at his family and him. Things only get worse for Trump as his wife Melania awakens from another night of tossing and turning all night, from worrying about what horrible calamity may attack her family next.

I can only imagine what it would be like to open a newspaper and find naked pictures of myself plastered across the front page, or reading an article accusing my husband of wanting to sleep with his own daughter, and or reading about my husband allegedly inciting the latest terrorist event to befall the country I so dearly love.

As Donald walks out the door, not 100% sure he will return to his home to find his wife and child still alive and well, Trump often has told me that it rips his loving heart to pieces to see the sad look on his son Baron’s face as he watches his dad leave for another day or days away from home, not sure his dad may ever return home to him.

Shamefully, I never really gave any thought to what it must be like to walk in Donald’s shoes. Until Trump ran for public office and I became close to Melania, my thoughts about Trump were that he was just another one of my wealthy friends who lives his own version of an entitled life only the very wealthy have any clue about.

I can sincerely say today that I never really understood what it means to live in a Hell right here on earth. Although my friends tell me that I am one of the strongest women they know, I have to admit that I could not live one day in Donald’s shoes. Frankly, even though I understand why Donald has stepped into the bowels of Hell, I could not walk one day in his shoes.

Trump is a very special person. He is not just another one of the rich and shameless crowd we often read about in the tabloids. He possesses a rare trait that so many people in this country neither never had and or lost; he truly cares about the people who make up our great country.

Trump takes it personally when he sees others struggle. With all the calamity that has arisen from Trump running for president, and all of the trouble that has been heaped on Trump’s shoulders, there is no greater calamity to Trump then to see other people suffer needlessly. Akin to an open wound rubbed with salt, Trump really suffers emotionally from witnessing our country falling apart before his eyes and its affect on the average working-class American.

There some bright spots in Trump’s life. Donald tells me, “Lacy there is no greater joy for me than when I arrive at a venue to find thousands of people waiting to hear me speak.”

Additionally, Donald has told me that he really enjoys his attempts to read all of the tens of thousands of letters he receives every day from people “all over the world” who love him.

Yes Donald Trump is a truly a unique man whose life is not what many people may think it should be. If you have not written Mr. Trump or attended one of his rallies, I implore you to do so. Considering all that he suffers in an attempt to make our lives better, sending him a letter and or attending a rally to offer something other than another calamity to befall him, it seems like a small price to pay in appreciation for all that he does for us.