Donald Trump:  A Modern Day Walt Disney

Brenda Corpian – Get Off The Bs – January 28, 2017

If your head is spinning this week from a barrage of media stories about Trump’s first week in office, please try not to feel that you may be the only person in the world that is laughing your ass off at the stupidity of our main stream media pundits while loudly rejoicing over the ass kicking Trump and his administration are handing down to the former Obama administration and a plentitude of greedy bastards who are having a hard time accepting that their days of delivering terrible customer services while screwing over decent hard working people are coming to an end.

I like to think of my old Friend Donald as a modern day Walt Disney. Frankly, only a moron would not be rejoicing over the fact that for first time in the history of this country, we have a president in office that is 100% percent committed in giving his customers their money’s worth.

Donald John Trump is not a complicated person. In fact he is one of the easiest people to understand that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The key to Trump’s undeniable success is that Trump understands how to and is number one in delivering second to none customer services at reasonable prices and making a fortune in the process. Anyone who has ever been a guest in one of Trump’s hotel/resorts can attest to that fact.

I compare Donald Trump to Walt Disney for several reasons. Like Walt Disney, President Trump has often been criticized for being arrogant and an ego maniac. The fact is that Trump like Disney often appear to the average moron as arrogant and egocentric. In reality, both Trump and the former Walt Disney have never suffered from arrogance of ego problems.

President Trump relies on the satisfaction and or positive feedback of the general public to gauge and guide him on how successful he is at delivering the ultimate customer satisfaction / experiences. When Walt Disney was alive, there is no doubt that he kept a very accurate count on how many people visited his resorts every day and how many of his visitors were repeat customers.

There is no difference in Trump estimating how many people attended his rally’s and inauguration, being proud of the same, then how the former Walt Disney felt about his outstanding attendance and repeat customer numbers. Both geniuses took pride in their accomplishments while learning and adapting from them, to continue to excel at being number one at making their customers happy.

Another trait of Trump’s that is very similar to a trait of the former Walt Disney, is that Trump truly loves working class people. There is nothing that make Trump happier than when he sees people enjoying their lives. On the flip side, there is nothing that depresses President Trump more than when he sees people suffering.

Like Disney, when Trump notices that his customers are unhappy about something, Trump evaluates and adjusts his focus in a direction that keep his customers smiling. Like Disney, the things that keep people coming back for more, Trump bolsters while pitching in the garbage the things that his customers don’t like and or care about.

Trump like Disney, has become a great success from learning how to deliver exceptional value of services by getting things done at reasonable costs, eliminating wasteful spending while wisely spending money on the biggest bangs for the buck. Visit any Disney and or Trump resort and you will notice numerous similarities in things that both Trump and the former Walt Disney spent the majority of their money on.

I am not suggesting that Donald Trump should run our country like a theme park or resort hotel. However, I rejoice over the fact that Trump loves working class people, is intelligent enough to gauge our satisfaction over what he does or does not do and continually adjusts his focus to deliver the best services he can provide for us with a focus on spending our money in the most efficient way he can, to give us the biggest bang for our bucks.

It is a travesty that so many moron liberals and mainstream media pundits do not understand President Trump. While the whole world should be rejoicing about our new President, these morons continual to talk Trash about President Trump. Some go so far as to put vagina hats on their heads and parade down the streets, leaving no doubt to any sane people of just how stupid they really are.

I often wonder what these same idiots would of have done if the former Walt Disney would have campaigned and won the presidency of the United States of America. I have no doubt that Walt Disney, like Trump, would have been a great President. Like Trump, Walt Disney knew that to be number one at what you do, you have to focus on customer satisfaction.

Donald Trump:  A Modern Day Walt Disney

The former Walt Disney never failed at removing things from his resorts that his customers did not like and or were potentially unsafe. For example, in 1959 Walt Disney was lauded by the majority of the American public when he stood at the gates of his park to refuse Nikita Khrushchev entrance in to Disney Land. 

How fricken stupid is it for our moron mainstream pundits and our countries liberal population, to be pissed off and talking trash about Trump for standing at our immigration gates refusing to allow terrorists admittance in to our country and deporting criminals who illegally entered our country?  Way to go asinine liberals, CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times.

The things that put smiles on the face of Disney customers were constantly improved to make them even more enjoyable. Most importantly, Walt Disney always focused on making things affordable by using exceptional business skills to deliver the ultimate bangs for the buck.

In reality, can anyone argue that the former Walt Disney’s approach to running his resorts should be highly admired? Could Disney’s business model be successful in making our country a more enjoyable place to live and work? In ending this article, I will simply refer to something my friend Donald Trump basically and repeatedly said during his campaign, you have been screwed over by politics as usual, what the Hell do you have to lose by trying it my way?

In relevance to customer satisfaction for my family and myself, I give President Trump my 5 Star rating of approval and so should you. After all, is there anything wrong with being happy and enjoying your life? Finally, is there anything wrong with rejoicing over the fact that we finally have a president who takes our happiness and or sadness personally?