Donald Trump was on fire today in Spokane Washington. Arguably, Trump’s speech to a massive crowd of over 12,000 people at the Spokane Convention Center, was one of the best speeches Trump has ever given.

The rally started with an endorsement for Trump from a former NFL superstar, Steven Charles Emtman, encouraging the crowd to get out and vote for Trump, making sure that Trump obtains the 1237 delegates he needs to nail down the Republican nomination.

Emtman was followed by Washington State University football coach Mike Leach who reflected back to how he became friends with Donald Trump and repeatedly lauded Donald Trump for his high energy, confidence, curiosity and his love and hope for American’s to be the best we can be.

Leach went on to expound his respect for Trump by stating “I believe that the American people need to elevate themselves and our country by energy, curiosity and confidence.” All traits that Leach, admires Donald Trump for.

Mike Leach posed the question of what the audience believed was the definition of insanity. Several people in the audience yelled out, “Ted Cruz.” Briefly laughing at the audience’s response, Leach answered his own question stating that “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Leach further explained that we have been voting for incompetent politicians over and over again and receiving horrible results.

“America needs different results. We need to make America Great again. It is time for Mr. Trump to assist us together and our country to achieve different results by making America great again. I give Donald Trump my full endorsement.”

Donald Trump entered the stage to loud chants of USA, USA, USA, and immediately informed the audience that, “I just got back from visiting with one of the biggest democrats…..who told me that right now there are sixteen people sitting at home watching television and you better be careful of what you wish for because this is going to be brutal.”

Assuring the crowd “we are going to win folks” Trump offered encouragement to the large crowd by stating that a recent poll had just come out indicating that Trump is already beating Hillary Clinton in the polls. (Rasmussen Poll).

Mr. Trump immediately lead in to an assault on Clinton, stating that the reason that Trump is winning is because “she (Clinton) cannot put the deal away.”

Trump offered further encouragement by mentioning his recent landslide primary wins and referring to a Clinton rally in Los Angeles on Friday May 6, 2016, where Hillary early on, walked off the stage from a constant blast of criticism resulting from her involvement of the overthrowing of President Manuel Zelaya in the Honduras.

Trump not losing a beat with the crowd went on to inform the audience of statistical data concerning loss of manufacturing jobs and high unemployment rates in Washington state, expounding on a high note of, illegal immigrants costing Washington state tax payers in 2015, $2.7b dollars.

“The Clinton’s gave us NAFTA, probably the worst piece of legislation in American history.” Trump further explained that in his campaign travels he has visited “state after state” finding factory after factory closed down. “you could buy them for $2 dollar each. Utter devastation….utter devastation.”

Of important interest Donald Trump revealed that Clinton has raised $2B dollars for her general election campaign and that she has already spent $90M in attack ads primary focused on criticizing Trump for his alleged bad treatment of woman.

Trump countered with stating that William Clinton has the worst record of any President in American history for abusing woman and that Hillary has “destroyed the lives of numerous woman that Bill had abused….(raising the question) and she is taking out ads against me for my treatment of woman?”

No Trump rally would be complete with out Trump throwing out an idiot protestor with his famous…out, out, out….get em out line, chants of build the wall, slamming politicians with his famous, ‘these people are stupid’ remarks, criticism of China, Mexico and Japan trade deals, and his usual statements on current immigration, heath care and education problems.

Trump did a phenomenal job today of reaffirming his campaign policies while answering and volleying his own shots at recent negative media comments coming from Clinton’s campaign.

It was obvious that Trump is very concerned with negative remarks about his alleged mistreatment of woman. Repeatedly throughout his speech this afternoon, Trump repeatedly promulgated his true feelings about woman, stating that “there is no one who respects woman more than Donald Trump.”

For anyone who has recently speculated to whether or not Trump is trying to coast in to the general election, falsely trusting the GOP’s promises to nominate him, you owe it to yourselves to watch Trump’s speech this afternoon in Spokane Washington. Trump is on fire and he is winning the hearts and minds of the American public everywhere he goes.