During the the short time that this site has been online, we have received numerous disparaging remarks and accusations questioning the integrity of this website.

We all enjoy reading and responding to our viewers emails submitted through our contact page, however there are only four of us working 15-18 hours a day, attempting to investigate and publish the truth about current controversial subjects and occurrences.

In developing this page, we are taking the most common questions we receive and publishing the answers to them. If we have missed a question, you would like to ask us, please feel free to use our contact page to submit your question to us.

Q:  Some of the articles your site posts are outlandish.  Is this blog a click-bait site?

A:  Get off The Bs is a website, not a blog. The difference in a blog verses a website is that only under special circumstances do we open up the comment sections of our articles.

Pertaining to click-baiting.  Websites and blogs engaged in click-baiting do so to draw people to their web pages.  Click-baiters earn money from paid advertising on their pages that pay them when a person clicks on an ad or sees it on page

Get Off The Bs does not allow paid advertising on our site.  (One of the reasons we keep the comment sections closed) Our website does not earn any revenue regardless of how many people visit it.  We have no reason to put ourselves in the position of having a lawsuit served on us for making crap up.

However we do have a satire category for those who need a good laugh occasionally.  When we publish something to make our readers laugh, we clearly make it known that we clearly label it as “satire.”

Q: Why should I believe anything you post? You are not a nationally recognized news source.

A:  Frankly, we don’t give a damn if you believe what we write or not.  We challenge you to call BS if you have concrete proof we have published bullshit.  In fact, we encourage all of our friends and family members not believe anything coming from mainstream, alternate and government media sources.

We encourage you to investigate anything you read, hear or see.  Use your common sense and consider a publishers past performance.  That said, please consider the following:

  • On May 25, 2016 we published an article entitled “Clinton Produced Fabricated Emails to Hide Crimes Committed With Her Real Personal Email Address reporting facts that absolutely no one published prior to the release of our article and were verified on June 7-8 by James Comey when he gave his speeches concerning the FBI’s conclusion of the Clinton Email Scandal. Here are some of the highlights of our article:
  • Guccifer lied to Fox News and the FBI about hacking Clinton’s email server.
  • The Emails Clinton turned over to the state department were fabricated.
  • Clinton leaked her own email scandal with the help of Guccifer to portray herself as an underdog in the general election.
  • Concerning the timing of Comey’s closing of Clinton’s email scandal, we reported in our article entitled, “The Saddest Week In American History”, we were the first to report what is now been the subject of talk between every mainstream media source in USA:

The fact is that rushing to exonerate Hillary at this time was necessary to put a halt to her supporters and those voters ‘sitting on the fence’ from coming to the right conclusion about why Clinton met with Lynch.  By exonerating Hillary, their idea, i.e., the Clinton campaign and Obama administration, was to hopefully make the highly unethical issue of the meeting between Clinton and Lynch a moot point.

However, their original plan was to exonerate Hillary shortly before Election Day in November, in hopes of making her appear as a living martyr to the American public thus crucifying the Republican nominee for falsely accusing her throughout the primaries and general election.

And for record, we are the people responsible for tipping off ABC, that Clinton would be meeting with Loretta Lynch at the Skyharbor Airport In Phoenix Arizona.  The chances of the world hearing about the meeting without our tipping off the ABC reporter who busted them, is very slim.

Finally, Get Off The BS has the most comprehensive facts and information about Hillary Clinton of any website, book or blog in the world today.  When it comes to dirt on Hillary Clinton, Get Off The BS is your one stop shop for research and knowledge about Crooked Hilary Clinton.

 Amongst some of our first-to-break stories, please consider the following:

Get off the Bs was the first to have found out and revealed the fact that Ted Cruz was having an affair with Carla Fiorina. The Trump campaign credits Get Off The Bs with the timing of our article as having a “significant impact” on causing Cruz to lose in the Indiana Primaries.

  • Get off the Bs was the first to discover and reveal a connectionbetween Omar Mateen and James Wesley Howell and their connection to the CIA and an Islamic seminary school secretly recruiting terrorists for the FBI and CIA. Our discovery lead Gretta with Fox News, who had already published a story nibbling around the edges of it, to do a follow up investigation that has blown the doors off of one of the biggest scandals in America’s history.
  • Get Off The Bs from its inception has consistently reported about things that Donald Trump has said and or done, days before he says or does things. On June 16, 2016 we reported Donald Trump would start calling Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lying Crooked Hillary.  On June 7th, 2016, Trump called Clinton Lyin Crooked Hillary for the first time.
  • On June 7th, 2016, we announced that Donald Trump was cancelling his rally in Miami on June 8th.  Approximately, 18 hours after we published our article, Trump made the announcement he was cancelling his Miami rally.
  • The fact is, there is absolutely no media source in the world as close to the Trump campaign as Get Off The Bs.  If you pay close attention to our articles, Trump often says things day’s later, sometimes word for word, as we wrote it.

Q:  Your articles are full of typos and grammar mistakes. You don’t write like journalists.

A:   As previously stated, we all work 7 days a week, 15-18 hours a day, investigating and reporting the news. We are highly educated and retired from high-level positions.Unfortunately, we do not have any proof-readers working with us.  If you are looking for perfection and our offended        by our typo’s or grammar mistakes, please feel free to find other sources for your information.  For more information about Get Off The Bs, Please visit our ‘About Get Off The Bs’ page.

Q:  Who is Brenda Corpian. Is she really as hot as her profile pictures on Facebook? Is that her real name?

A: Brenda Corpian is a former model, Attorney and physician.  She is definitely very beautiful and extremely intelligent. No, her real name is not Brenda Corpian. None of us use our real names for obvious reasons.

Q:  Most of the things you write – your inside scoop over everybody including the mainstream media, would lead people believe you have some very high level sources.  Do you?

A:  The majority of what we write comes from mainstream media.  It is not uncommon for us to find a buried story by picking known by mainstream media journalists whose employers, for whatever reasons, won’t let them put all the pieces together to tell the story.

Along with finding stories that have not been published in pieces with several mainstream sources, we always assume that they are lying.  As ridiculous as this may sound, we have been very successful in discovering the truth by simply taking the lies the mainstream media constantly reports and turning the same around 180 degrees.  By doing so, we are often able to find the sources, facts and information to reveal and publish the real truth.

The tagline of Get Off The Bs is also our mission statement.  We pipe in the news (from the mainstream media) and flush out the BS (the lies the media publishes) That is the main reason that all of our articles link to mainstream media pieces that collaborate our articles.

Q:  Wow, you guys are like a needle in a haystack. First to break the story, no ad’s, no gimmicks – how come you are not better known?

A:   Actually, we are very well known.  As of June 10, 2016 Get Off The Bs has over 1,400,000 subscribers to our news feed.  We are one of the top five quoted and linked to alternative media sights in the USA.  For a website that as of July 10, 2016 is less than four months old, our unique and returning visitors count, according to Google Analytics, puts us in the top three of new web site start-up’s, which is literally unheard of for a start-up news site.

Q:  What is the best way to navigate  your large database of information?

A:  A combination of using the ‘Search‘ feature on the top right of all of our web pages, ‘Archives‘ listed on the bottom right of every webpage and oursitemap page link you will find on the bottom left of all of our webpages, under the heading ‘Pages‘, will find everything we have ever written on this website.

Additionally, our ‘Category‘ links are in our main ‘Navigation bar‘ under the news feed ticker on the top of the page.  When you get to the end of any list of articles on the front page, in the ‘Archives’ and or ‘Categories’, please look for a link at the right hand bottom of the page that says ‘older posts‘ to help you find the article you may be looking for.

We are constantly working on the.  website to make it easier to navigate and find our articles easily.  Please feel free to make any suggestions you think would make your visit here more productive.

Q:  I have information about an occurrence and or person  I think you may be interested in.  How can I talk to you?  Do you pay for stories, pictures, leads? Do you protect your sources should I choose to remain anonymous?

A:  The most expedient way to contact Get Off The Bs, is through our contact form.  Providing information where we may call or text you, will significantly increase our response time to you.  However, if you prefer to communicate solely by email, our turn around time for new comments is less than 8 hours, including weekends and holidays.

Get Off The Bs will absolutely pay for concrete information, authentic documentary and photographic evidence that can be verified authentic and not previously sold to an entity and or persson(s). For instance if you obtain a document or photo from someone who has already sold it to another news source, it is worthless to Get Off The Bs.

Additionally, if you provide information, document(s) or photographs(s) to Get Off The Bs, accept money for the same, and we later find out that what you sold us was prevaricated or altered, we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

The amount we pay for information, document(s) and or photo(s) depends on the interest level the same may generate.  For instance, if you were to lead us to the grave of Jimmy Hoffa, that information would be worth millions of dollars to us.  However, if you are out and about and manage to photograph a crotch shot of a celebrity, you would be better served to contact an entertainment / variety news publisher.

Finally, if your information and or evidence is linked to a felony crime, we would not be able to accept it from you unless you are willing to speak with the police about it. No matter how hot we may be on a story, no one at Get Off The Bs will accept evidence that is concealing a crime, without contacting the authorities, as is required by law, to inform them what we may know.