For The Saluting Marine


“We wouldn’t have even been here if it weren’t for our vets, and our vets are being mistreated. Illegal immigrants are treated better in many cases than our vets.”

We’re going to take care of those wounded warriors and we’re going to take care of our vets better than anybody.”

Donald J. Trump


For those of you who don’t know Donald J. Trump, Mr. Trump is a patriotic American and a successful businessman who truly loves America and its people.

Mr. Trump and his family have been disparaged by 99% of the American media and those who oppose him, yet he often just shrugs his shoulders and keeps fighting to make America great again, even for those who do not have any better sense than to oppose his sacrifices.

His family and him have been threatened with violence….death, yet Mr. Trump continues on with his fight to bring back all the things that we true American’s once loved about our great nation.

For you vets, Donald Trump has raised and donated millions of dollars to help veterans to get back on their feet again and to receive the health care they need.  As President, Donald Trump will straighten out the VA and correct the mistreatment of American veterans by the American government.

Yes, some gave all….and many are still giving. Please get aboard the Trump Train to the White House for 2016.  Be assured, it will be the best vote you ever cast in your life time.