Another controversial issue has recently arisen with women who are seeking to further their rights to equality with men.

Woman who asininely support, the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign are demanding that laws and public opinion against public nudity should shift to a nationwide tolerance for woman who choose to bare their breasts in public.

Over the past decade, societies acceptance of woman exposing their breasts in public has not been a major concern for lawmakers and or the general public.

However, although many of the current women’s fashions are manufactured with very sheer materials that leave nothing to the imagination, current obscenity laws and the general publics opinions of what is considered pornographic, has not moved towards a tolerance of woman appearing in public places topless.

Arguably, people are the most intelligent animals on this planet, but nonetheless, all people are animals. A mans natural extinct is to have intercourse with woman to derive pleasure and to produce children.

Evidence from the bible suggests, that the first people on this planet did not prefer to wear any clothing.

Further evidence suggest that the first relationships between men and woman, were basically consumed by a man desiring a woman, taking her back to his shelter and having sex with her.


The woman’s age and or feelings about entering in to the relationship, was not a concern to men of earlier civilizations.

Over the years, civilized society has evolved from a ‘knock her over the head and take her back to the cave’ mentality to a ‘how dare you go out in public wearing a dress with a hem above your ankles’ mentality to a wearing ‘panties or thongs are optional’ mentality.

As previously stated, people are animals. There is no doubt that only proper moral upbringing and strict laws, contribute to most men keeping their animal instincts in check.

It is an indisputable fact that the power of the vagina gives the majority of women an unfair advantage over most men. The fact is, more men are influenced by their sexual desires than women are.

As previously stated, it is an asinine idea for women to demand a moral and or legal acceptance of their publicly exposing their nipples.

Most men could appear everyday of the week naked in public without causing woman to lose control over their sexual desires.

If women were to appear everyday of the week naked in public, it would only serve to exploit the weakness of many men’s sexual desires.

The fact is that even a woman the majority of men would find unattractive, publicly revealing her nipples and or vagina, would bring the animal lust out of a large number of men.

Arguably, no woman could disagree with the fact that a man who the majority of women would find unattractive, would create much of a stir in their sexual desires, if they were to see him appear naked in public.


Adding to the problems of woman appearing in public naked, is the issue of a high probability in the rise on sexual assaults on women

According to RAINN, in 2015, woman from the age of 12 and up, were victims of sexual assault every 107 seconds in America. Arguably, the current ‘panties or thongs are optional’ mentality, current woman’s fashions and or the weakness of many men’s control over their sexual desires, largely contributes to this epidemic problem.

Women should rejoice over the fact that God or the laws of nature or whatever, has gives most women a power through their vagina, over most men who can’t live without it.

Finally, asininely enacting laws and or changing public opinion towards the acceptance of a woman publicly appearing topless will only serve to broaden the gap of inequality between men and woman, while subjecting topless women to a higher chance of being sexually assaulted by scumbags with no morals and or very poor control over their sexual desires.

If nothing in this article has convinced you to rethink your support for Free the Nipple, it may be prudent to reflect on the old adage, ‘Why should a man buy the cow when she is giving the milk away for free.’