Heidi Cruz smiling as she greeted Carly Fiorina prior to a Indiana press conference on April 28, 2016, Heidi drew Carly Fiorina into a tight hug and whispered “Run! Run, and never look back!” into the ear of Home Wrecker Fiorina.

Heidi went on to say in a soft but sharp tone during their embrace, before curtly noting that she knew better than anyone what her husband could do to people, and that if Fiorina cared about what was good for her, she would leave immediately and get as far away from there as fast as her legs would carry her.

“Go now and don’t stop until you’re someplace where he and his aides can never find you. For Christ’s sake, Carly, you have to trust me. He’ll suck every last shred of life out of you.”

At press time, Cruz had abruptly pulled herself away from the hug, turned to wave at the audience, and began thanking them all for coming out.

Heidi Cruz has suffered from numerous emotional and irrational behavior issues in the past. Inside Edition reported that In 2005, the Austin Texas Police found Heidi on the side of a freeway onramp in a very distraught condition. The reporting officer indicated that, “I believe she was a danger to herself.”

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Heidi claims that she rebounded from her emotional and irrational behavior problems, stating that:

“I want to use it to strengthen people around me and to recognize that we all have rough patches”.

There is obvious tension between Carly and Heidi. This past Saturday in the restroom of a Pizza restaurant, Heidi and Carly nearly came to a fist-fight during a heated exchange concerning allegations that Lying Ted and Fiorina are currently having an affair.

Today, changing initial campaign plans, Heidi and Carly were back on the road without Ted Cruz, to Franklin Indiana, visiting a small gathering at coincidentally another Pizza restaurant, Greek’s Pizzeria & Tap Room, where a small crowd of about one hundred of the town’s freeloaders were treated to Pizza and soft drinks.

The tension between Heidi and Carly does not appear to have been resolved. In a phone interview today with the owner of Greek’s Pizzeria & Tap Room, Justin Tappi indicated with an interesting laugh that he would “rather not say” if there was obvious problems witnessed in his business today between Fiorina and Heidi.

Heidi’s earlier attempt to warn Fiorina to “Go now and don’t stop until you’re someplace where he and his aides can never find you” may have been fueled by her reading a National Enquirer article concerning recent allegations that Lying Ted has five mistresses.

Adding to Fiorina’s tarnished reputation, in an article by the Angry Patriot, published on April 27, 2016, included allegations that Fiorina, dubbed as a ‘Home Wrecker’ by the National Enquirer, was having an ongoing affair with Lying Ted.

Lying Ted’s political move announcing Carla Fiorina as his running mate was done to allegedly bolster Ted’s standing with female voters after The National Enquirer’s blockbuster report on rumors of his multiple mistresses.

Fiorina after her 2010 loss to Barbara Boxer, [Fiorina] quickly dismantled her political machinery, moved across the country to Virginia and didn’t pay off all her debts to vendors and strategists for more than four years.”

After Fiorina’s failed California Senate attempt, she quickly reimbursed herself $1.25 million that she had loaned her failed campaign.


Prior to the launch of her 2016 presidential bid, many in California’s Republican circles made mention of her outstanding debts. Only then did she make good on the monies she owed.

Some political strategists are quick to explain that Mrs. Fiorina’s long-unpaid debts and her transplant to the East Coast leave her with no political support structure or outreach apparatus in the state.

One California GOP strategist who worked on Fiorina’s 2010 campaign said that he sees no benefit to the Cruz campaign from Lying Ted asininely choosing Fiorina as his running mate.

Regardless of what reason or reasons, Lyin Ted brought Fiorina in to his losing campaign, he has only knocked more holes in to his campaigns sinking ship. The escalating tension between Heidi Cruz and Carla Fiorina, may be the shot in the hull that sinks Lyin Ted’s campaign and political career to the bottom of the GOP Primary ocean.

Definitely, one must ask themselves, is Home Wrecker Carly Fiorina that great of a piece of ass? Evidently Lying Ted thinks so.

The Onion, Inside Edition, National Enquirer, Daily Journal and the New Your Time, partially contributed to this story,