Help is a website that supports Donald Trump and reports news that the mainstream media sources often suppress.  Our audience has grown considerably and we are experiencing constant problems with our paid hosting service – Godaddy from bandwidth overloads.  

We have self-funded the web site for over six months now. Four of us work 15-18 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide our visitors with current news about Trump and breaking stories the mainstream media does not want the American public to know about.

We do not post any paid advertising on our site because we do not want unethical data compiling and distribution companies stealing our visitor’s personal information, including email addresses and browsing history.

We need an additional $7,500.00 to upgrade our hosting so that our site will be available during heavy traffic periods.  Over the past two weeks our server has been bouncing people from high traffic articles to other articles and our home page.  

We know times are tough on everyone, however we could really use your help.  Please send whatever you may be able to spare, if nothing more than a price of a cup of coffee.  Every little bit will help us to reach our goal.  Thank you and God bless you.