Lyin’ Crooked Hillary in her interview with Chris Wallace today, not mentioning anyone by name, threw her previous state department staff under the bus, claiming that it was the fault of her people working for the US State Department that caused her to criminally send classified emails with her personal email servers.

Lying, throwing her own people under the bus and or offering a scapegoat up to be punished for her criminal behavior is nothing new to Crooked Hillary. 

Susan McDougal,  Bryan Pagliano and most recently, Debbie Wasserman Schultz have all found themselves thrown under the bus to save Hillary’s crooked posterior.

Hillary lied, lied, lied today during her interview.  One of the most asinine lies she told today was in answer to a question posed by Wallace, asking her response to James Comey’s allegations during the July 7th House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, claiming that Crooked Hillary was “extremely careless and negligent” with her criminal use of her personal email servers.

Clinton answered, stating that “Well Chris, I looked at the whole transcript of everything that was said and what I believe is number one, I made a mistake not using two email addresses.” Hillary never mentioned what her explanation for ‘number two’ might be.

Obviously the stupid bitch cannot remember her own lies. The 55,000 pages of fabricated emails Clinton turned over in July of 2015 to the state department contained numerous emails that were sent and received by Clinton via two email addresses, and hosted on one or more of Clinton personal email servers.

Trey Gowdy on March 5, 2015 told Brietbert News that Lyin’ Hillary had more than one Email address.  Additionally, James Comey testified during the July 7th House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that Crooked Hillary used more than one email server and email address

Chris Wallace could of dropped Hillary in the grease over her criminal use of her own personal email servers, by simply mentioning the Project X Email Scandal which developed after the New York Post revealed that Kenneth Starr, who investigated the Monica Lewinsky scandal, found that  over 1,000,000 emails were withheld by the Clinton’s in January of 1998 from being archived by a government server. [The Clinton’s were found to have had their staff turn the government archive server off]

Arguably, Clinton would have most likely answered a question concerning the Project X email scandal by insinuating that the New York Post, over one hundred witnesses, Kenneth Star and James Comey were misinformed about the Clinton’s alleged criminal mishandling of classified secrets and government emails and or found someone to throw under the bus for the same.

The fact that Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton has been named the Democratic nomine for the President of the United States, attests to the fact that 15,805,136 people in America who voted for Hillary Clinton are undoubtedly the biggest morons on the face of this planet or the Democratic primaries were rigged. 

Hillary Throws Her State Dept Staff Under The Bus

The fact that the mainstream media does not crucify Crooked Hillary by bringing up her past criminal transgressions and calling her out when she lies—every time she opens her big fat mouth, while crucifying Donald Trump over things he has said that the mainstream media moron pundits spin to mean something completely different than what Trump intended his words to mean, highly suggests that the mainstream media believes without a doubt, that the majority of the American public are idiots.

With less than a hundred days until the November presidential election, Hillary Clinton has managed to skate threw another press interview–the first one she has had since December of 2015, again given a free pass to lie her posterior off without being called out by the mainstream media for doing so. 

There is no doubt that the majority of American public did not bother to watch Crooked Hillary’s interview today, and will listen to–and believe whatever positive light the mainstream pundits spin her repeated interview diatribe of bullshit to mean. 

In the meantime, these same idiots will continue to believe the outright prevarications of the real truth about what Donald Trump has actually said and done over the past couple of weeks.

In all due consideration, when you consider the mentality of the majority of the American public who have voted for Clinton and the dishonesty of our mainstream media pundits, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind why we have twice elected a Muslim American hating President to the oval office during the past 8 years.  

If we don’t join together soon and put a stop to the mainstream media pundits unwarranted crucifying of Trump, we may just end up electing someone who will be a hell of a lot worse than our current treacherous president, Barrack Hussein Obama.

Starting now, I call on every American patriot to make at least one daily call, send one daily email or Tweet to a mainstream media pundit–telling them just how much you appreciate their insinuating that you are a full blown idiot.  If the mainstream media pundits are right about you, please keep quiet so you don’t remove all doubt.  

This is a very pissed off Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS.  July 31, 2016