Why Hillary Will Not Face Indictment

15:17:02 July 4th, 2016 –  Get Off The Bs

Criminal Indictment is not Forthcoming for Hillary Clinton

Folks, let me make this short and sweet.  A criminal indictment is not forthcoming for Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of her private email server to conduct government business. On Tuesday, be assured that James Comey will announce this fact to the world.

Soon thereafter, meme’s, Tweets, Facebook posts and videos will overload the internet, however as usual, the American public will do nothing more than bang their keyboards in disgust.

Nothing will be said about why the FBI would have recommended prosecuting anyone other than Crooked Hillary; Killary’s criminal use of the Secretary of State’s official powers to make hundreds of millions of dollars for “pay to play politics”, all criminally washed through the Clinton Foundation, will not be brought up by James Comey or Loretta Lynch.

It does not take a seer or an insider within the DOJ and or FBI to know that an indictment of Hillary Clinton is not going to happen.  Any law enforcement official, attorney and or anyone who has been previously arrested in this country, knows for an absolute fact that Hillary will never be indicted. (However, remember that we told you what would happen before it happens.)

From the first day the American public was falsely led to believe that an honest [with emphasis] investigation of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities was underway, it was obvious that the FBI was deceiving us all.

During my career as an assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted over 200,000 criminal cases. Although I have never been a federal prosecutor and or FBI agent, I have worked with literally hundreds of people involved in Federal and state law enforcement.

Federal law enforcement procedures for the investigation, arrest, indictment, trial and punishment are very similar to state procedures.

Why Hillary Will Not Face Indictement

Bullshit Propaganda 101

The first indication to me that the FBI was not seriously investigating Hillary Clinton was highly apparent to me when the FBI gave Hillary six months to turn over her email server.  If in fact Federal law enforcement officials are really investigating Hillary, regardless of Hillary’s social standing, they would have shown up at her home unannounced with a search warrant and confiscated anything that resembled a computer, server, tablet and or a smart phone.

Next, when Hillary’s attorney delivered a server with the hard drives wipedor replaced, Hillary’s posterior would have been arrested and held in jail without bond, to ensure that any evidence that could be further destroyed by her would be preserved.

There is a not one single judge in this country that would not sign acontempt order against her for delivering her personal email server with the data storage peripherals destroyed.

Adding further insult to injury, the U.S. Attorney General’s office grantedBryan Pagliano immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony against Clinton, his reneging on the deal by invoking his Fifth Amendment right 125 times during his questioning, would have resulted in his immediate arrest for his felony crimes and or for obstruction of justice.

Humorously, the public information that has been made available by Clinton herself is enough to indict her on at least three felony offences that include violations of the RICO Act.  Numerous records prove without a single doubt that Huma Amedin, Cheryl Mills and Brian Pagliano have clearly committed felonies, yet none of them have been arrested.


If the previous information has not convinced you, consider the fact that there are literally hundreds of road maps published in articles and books, exposing factual evidence of what crimes Hillary and her cohorts have committed.

Any state and or Federal law enforcement official could use the same to nail Crooked Hillary’s fat posterior to the wall, yet not one parallel investigationof Hillary Clinton from any state of Federal law enforcement agency is being conducted.

For any hard heads that need to be slapped upside the head with reality, the FBI does not need permission from the US Attorney to arrest Hillary Clinton.  In fact if the FBI had ever intended to put Hillary away, they would have arrested her long ago.

The stories we are now hearing about how the FBI investigates and then finishes their investigations by questioning the suspected criminal or criminals, is about the most asinine story the American public has been told to date.

Arguably, the majority of prosecutors, law enforcement officers and judges in America would consider Hillary a flight risk.   The crimes Hillary has been allegedly investigated for would most likely put her in a prison cell for the rest of her natural born life.

Why Hillary Will Not Face Indictment

Hillary could easily get on a jet and disappear to a country or location that does not honor U.S. extradition warrants.  If the FBI had ever intended to bring charges on Hillary, they would have her in custody this very moment.

An honest prosecutor does not need a grand jury to indict Hillary. [Although grand juries rarely ever go against a prosecutor’s recommendation to indict – many attorneys refer to grand juries as a rubber stamp for prosecutors]  A prosecutor could simply file what is called ‘trial information’ with a court of proper jurisdiction and the criminal trial would be off to the races.

Finally, the email scandal has been nothing but a dog and pony show.  There are very few people in the world that do not believe at some level that Hillary Clinton is a very treacherous and evil bitch.  She is now running for the Presidency of the USA.

Only a decent and honest candidate may keep her from committing more crimes against the American public from the oval office. Unfortunately a certain group of the wealthiest people in the world, will oppose that candidate at every front.

Remember folks, those who have the most gold make the rules.  Unfortunately the people with all the gold are some no good a**holes.