Check out the boner on Ted

From the Editor

Now that Donald Trump has transformed our political process into a revelation of how bad the average American is getting it sideways up the posterior by the elite class in this world—but with devastatingly serious consequences—why not go all the way?

It is time for Heidi Cruz to debate Melania Trump. It could possibly be more enlightening than the Republican presidential candidates’ debates thus far, where viewing audiences are being subjected to an incompetent adulterer from Texas prevaricating one lie after another about a true American who loves the USA.

The leading candidate for the Republican nomination has already talked about kicking ISIS right in their posteriors, about rightfully taking the oil of another country, about giving the military a long overdue permission to level the playing field in using torture against those who would cut your head off and about making international trade deals fair for the USA in the first time in over 80 years.

His major challenger, lying Ted ‘The Adulterer’ Cruz wants to make the desert sand glow, and wants police to patrol neighborhoods where US Muslims live. Additionally, this adulterer from Texas wants the government to force women to carry their rapist’s child to term.

If things could not get any more interesting, now, we have a growing spat about their wives.

So, let Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump debate. And, of course, Karen Kasich would deserve a place at the debate if she wanted it.

Shouldn’t Republican voters know if the candidates’ wives share, eg., Trump’s great view of how woman should be treated like princesses, with the exception of that insane dyke, Rosie O’donnell , moron Cruz’s view on carrying a rapist’s child to term, Kasich’s insane view about Medicaid expansion?


And, let us be forthright, should Melania respond to whether her nude photos make her possibly the most awesome looking First Lady in the history of America? She would definitely be a big relief from the current transvestite we have in the White House today; Michael Obama.

We should also learn why Heidi married her scumbag husband in the first place. It is doubtful that we will ever see a Republican debate with the wives going head to head, but it would definitely add some spice to political debates going forward.