I will rob you-clinton-get off the bs

How do you steal trillions of dollars and leave tens of millions of people believing that it is an acceptable practice because every politician is doing it?  If you’re scratching your head in disgust at this moment, join the crowd of people who still have some brain cells functioning. 

The answer to that question is both simple and outrageous.  Simple because all it takes for politicians to steal trillions of dollars, leaving hundreds of millions of people in a debt reaching close to 20 trillion dollars, is to piss away whatever morals and or conscience you may have ever acquired and act in a manner that the majority of politicians consider ‘standard operating procedures.’

Outrageous, because to leave tens of millions of people believing that it is an acceptable practice for you to rip them off—people who are already in debt for your ill-gotten gains, paying it off at a tax rate of over 50% of their incomes for federal, state and local taxes, only requires that you buy some mainstream media outlets and then hire the most stupid and dishonest people in the world to report your propaganda to the American public.

Throwing in some big breasted bimbos such as Megyn  Kelly and ultra-morons like Chris Matthews and Jonathan Chait, will ensure that your propaganda reaches tens of millions of brain dead liberals who literally have no conception of what the reality of their drug and alcohol induced lives have become.

For instance, the latest controversy over the Clinton Foundation — the allegation that special access was given to Foundation donors when that crooked-rotten-bitch Hillary Clinton was secretary of state — follows a familiar stick it up the American public’s posterior sideways pattern: The entire arrangement appears to continually be done without the assistance of petroleum jelly.

New York magazine’s ultra-moron Jonathan Chait writes, “What [new emails] show is that people who donated to the foundation believed they were owed favors by Clinton’s staffers… [Former staffer Doug] Band, for instance, called the crown prince of Bahrain, who donated millions to the foundation, a “good friend of ours.”

However there’s another familiar pattern to the financial anal-reaming discussion, especially regarding the asinine AP report stating that Foundation donors met with Crooked Hillary when she was secretary of state: This kind of behavior is standard operating procedure for any politician.

If you’re a sitting piece of human garbage congressman, senator, or governor — raise your hand if you’ve never granted meetings with big donors (either ones you’ve known before or after the donation). This is an ass reaming practice that happens all of the time in American politics.

And here comes that big financial anal-reaming propaganda from an ultra-moron pundit Chait, who suggests “that as a result, none of it is illegal or demands a special prosecutor. So two things can be true at the same time: One, what the Clintons are doing can be sloppy, careless and seedy. And two, they’re not the only ones doing it.”

Chait, have you fricking lost all sense of reality?  “None of it is illegal?”  There is not one single state in America that fraud, treason, embezzlement and theft is legal. Make that your ‘standard operating procedure’ and you will find yourself in a crossbar hotel faster than your brain dead mind can contemplate what the hell happened to you.

Does not “demand a special prosecutor?”  Really.  If you could find one brain cell functioning in your wasted mind, you would realize the fact that Donald Trump is calling for a special prosecutor is factual proof one is needed. Certainly, only a moron does not realize that Loretta Lynch should be immediately fired and criminally prosecuted for treason and official oppression.

Wake up idiots.  The literal thought of tens of millions of people who are so damn stupid that they would even consider for one minute voting to hire a rotten no good psychopath murdering piece of shit bitch who will definitely continue the financial and social anal-reaming you stupid liberals cannot seem to get enough of, makes me ill.

Brenda Corpian Reveals How To Get Away With Stealing Trillions of DollarsAnd what about the aforementioned ‘crowd of people who still have some brain cells functioning?’ We are often referred to by millions of brain dead moron liberals as Trump Supporters.

This is Brenda Corpian, and I am proud to be called a stupid Trump supporter. Because as stupid as many of you brain dead morons think I am, I will never vote for four more years of ‘standard operating procedures’ that would put the most evil no good rotten bitch who ever put on a pant suit, in the position to rip me off for even one more cent.

Finally a special message to those pathetic no good bastards who had the audacity to write my blog, suggesting that you would like to finish the job of beating me with lead saps, gang raping me and throwing me in another trash dumpster for dead, because I am a friend and supporter of Donald J. Trump.

Be advised that I have an over and under Browning shotgun that I will be more than happy to shove up your busted anuses until it comes out one of your ears, if you just cannot live without the kind of anal reaming your brain dead minds lodged in your anuses, are voting and begging for.  I will even supply the petroleum jelly is you so desire it.  That is my ‘standard operating procedure and I don’t give a damn if it is legal or not!