Crooked Hillary Clinton Use Illegal Astroturfing to Steal GOP'Primaries from Sanders -Get Off The BS

Hillary Clinton and the Associated Press, taking a page from her husband’s and Ted Cruz’s campaign dirty tricks books, catapulted herself to decisive wins in Tuesday nights Democratic primary elections using an illegal practice dubbed as ‘astroturfing.’

On Monday night – the day before Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections – the Associated Press announced that Hillary Clinton had finally secured enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination.

Associated Press Release on June 6, 2016

Associated Press Release on June 6, 2016

The Associated Press report stated that Hillary gained enough extra super-delegates to give her the 2383 delegates to secure the nomination.

Hillary Clinton Tweets AP on June 6, 2016

Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton Tweets AP on June 6, 2016

Lyin’ Crooked Hillary Clinton late Monday evening, acting as if she was surprised by the AP announcement, falsely claimed on her Twitter account that she ‘was flattered” by the AP’s faith in her winning the democratic primaries.

The graphic titled “Secret Win Version 2” was created for the AP on June 4, 2016.

The graphic titled “Secret Win Version 2” was created for the AP on June 4, 2016.

However recently discovered evidence on Twitter by Get off The BS, suggests that the announcement was planned days in advance of the night before the nation’s largest primary elections.

This is not the first time that the Clinton’s have used an illegal practice dubbed ‘Astroturfing’ to help win an election. Bill Clinton used the same practice to help him win his presidential elections in 1992 and again in 1996.

The most disturbing aspect of the Clinton’s illegal campaign practices is that there is hard factual evidence to support the fact that the Associated Press knowingly aided and abetted the Clinton’s in their unethical – criminal acts.

There is no difference in creating fake Twitter accounts using the names of respected subject matter sources to create a false positive perception of a candidates character and or positive campaign status then using a collaborating media source to do the same.

The practice of creating a false public perception that leads people to believe that a political rival in an election campaign has no chance to win his highly effective, there is no doubt that it achieves its desired results.

For some reason, many people who may be sitting on the fence between two candidates, often vote for one candidate over the other due to mainstream and or social media reports that one candidate or the other has no chance of winning.

I.E., who wants to waste their vote and time on a candidate who has no chance of winning?

Arguably, Ted Cruz using a similar practice with CNN to announce that Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race prior to the Iowa GOP primary elections, helped Ted Cruz defeat Donald Trump in Iowa.

Many political analysts suggest that Bush would of most likely beat Bill Clinton in the 1992 General Election if people who were sitting on the fence had not believed the media that Bush had no chance of winning.

Prior to Monday’s announcement that Hillary had won the Democratic primaries, released the day before Tuesday’s California Democratic primaries, numerous polls over the weekend suggested that Bernie Sanders had a good chance of beating Crooked Hillary in California; (Bernie Sanders WILL WIN in California if an honest election is held) Hillary won the Californian Democratic primaries decisively on Tuesday night.

Although the Supreme Court ruled that a political candidate caught lying in a political election cannot be found liable in a civil action for the same, both Bernie Sanders and Lee Newton Rhodes have all the evidence they need to prevail in a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Associated Press for their “astroturfing” Hillary Clinton to a decisive win in Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections.

Rightfully, the Federal Election Commission should have something to say about the matter as well!