The fact that Lyin’ Ted Cruz was allowed to speak at the Republican National Convention entices me to consider burning my membership papers with the Republican Party.  Allowing Ted Cruz to speak at the convention was an embarrassing slight upon every God fearing and decent person in America.

The fact is that Ted Cruz is a lying hypocritical piece of human garbage that has no right whatsoever to represent the people of Texas in any capacity.

Sure, I am absolutely committed to supporting and voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 general election.  However, my commitment and support of Trump has no bearing whatsoever on my opinion of Ted Rafael Cruz.

I will never forget the first time I watched Ted Cruz give a speech at an Indiana rally.  I literally lost my dinner in my bathroom sink five minutes in to his speech. 

I remember telling my husband that night that lying to extent of what I heard come out of Cruz’s mouth should rightfully be a criminal offence. 

Unfortunately, I have watched every Republican debate from the 2015-2016 primaries.  From the first debate, to the last debate in Detroit Michigan, Cruz literally transformed his campaign from a bible-toting conservative to a pathological liar.

Who Invited The Lunatic Ted Cruz To Speak at The RNCBy the time, Cruz entered the primaries in Indiana his lying became so absurd that he had literally stolen Trump’s campaign promises for his own and spewed one lie after another about Trump to anyone who would listen to him.

From the first day of the primaries, Cruz literally condemned every campaign policy that Trump has spoken of throughout his campaign.  After the last debate in Michigan, Cruz took every campaign policy Trump had propounded throughout the primaries, claiming the same as his own policies and compounding his lies by claiming that Trump’s policies were the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

The first night I heard Cruz speak at a rally in Indiana, I swear I thought I was listening to Cruz tell jokes—mocking Trump to his small crowd of supporters.  To this very day, I still cannot believe that anybody could stand there and listen to Cruz spout off campaign promises that anyone older than 3 years old would know he had condemned repeatedly throughout his campaign.

Seriously, any sane person listening to Ted Cruz speak should come to conclude that Cruz was suffering a delusional mental break down, causing him to think he was Donald Trump.  Cruz at one point in his campaign began saying repeatedly that, “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin.”

I understand that in a political campaign that politicians are known to tell some lies and disparage their opponents, but Cruz went way off the charts of what any rational person could consider a candidate campaigning for a political office.

I encourage anyone who thinks I am being overly critical of Ted Cruz to watch some of his later campaign speeches.  In my opinion, any reasonable person could rightfully question the sanity of Ted Cruz without having to spend a whole lot of time making their case.

During the delegate voting on Tuesday night at the RNC, I truly imagined myself reaching through the screen of my television to slap the taste out of the mouth of the asinine delegate from Texas that moronically dubbed Ted Cruz as the “favorite son of Texas.”

His asinine statement would have been no different from a California delegate claiming that Charles Manson is the favorite son of California.  Seriously, how could anybody that stupid become a delegate?  Where do they find these idiots?

Who Invited The Lunatic Ted Cruz To Speak at The RNC

The fact is that Ted Cruz pissed away his political career during the primaries.  Arguably, the only career that Ted Cruz may possibly be capable of performing would be that of a janitor working in a mental asylum.

If a rational person compared Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton, that person would have to conclude that Hillary Clinton in comparison to Ted Cruz is a choirgirl.  I am not trying to make you laugh. I am 100% serious.  If Ted Cruz, God forbid was the Republican nominee running against Hillary Clinton and I had to vote for one of them, I would have to vote for Crooked Hillary.

Considering the fact that I truly believe that Crooked Hillary could be the devil incarnate—definitely, the most evil bitch on the face of this planet, my voting for her over Ted Cruz should speak volumes about how I feel and in my opinion, how any sane God-fearing American should feel about Ted Cruz.

Enough about Ted Cruz already.  Find that lying maniac piece of human garbage a strait jacket, boot his sorry ass out of the senate and call it a day.

As for our asinine Republican leaders, I agree with unifying the party, however unifying a lying sack of human waste in to the fold is beyond the very definition of stupid. Shame on you morons for allowing him to enter the RNC venue to spew his insane rhetoric about the absolute best candidate our party has ever sent forward into the general election.

In other words, screw you morons and the parents that gave birth to you!