There seems that there is no holds barred on how low the GOP’s Stop Trump efforts and Cruzs’ campaign team will sink in to the mire to defeat Trump, but what is Trump doing, if anything, to combat the GOP’s Stop Trump campaign and Cruzs’ Team of Dirty Tricks?

Today, Townhall reporter Guy Benson admitted that the Cruz campaign is stealing Trump delegates in states that Trump won.

According to Guy Bensen, This has been percolating for several months. He has a very sharp legal team that knows the rules inside and out in a way the Trump campaign clearly does not. It’s not just Louisiana. And it’s not just finagling to just get Rubio delegates or unbound delegates. What they’re also doing is getting people elected as Trump delegates who are not, in fact, Trump loyalists. So they would be bound to Donald Trump on the first ballot only. After which, although they are technically Trump delegates, they’ve been sort of put in place to jump.

Stealing delegates by placing Cruz supporters in key Delegate positions is only the tip of the Stop Trump and Dirty Tricks Iceberg.  During the past several weeks, the GOP’s Stop Trump campaign and Cruzs’ Team of Dirty Tricks have been working 24/7 to derail the Trump Train to the Whitehouse.

Trump has not helped his own cause by falling in to carefully orchestrated traps, such as losing his temper and sinking in to the political mud concerning Cruz’s and Trumps’ wives, which has definitely not fared well with the American public, as Trump continues to end up as the bad guy in these types of exchanges.

To Trump’s credit, Trump speeches during his rallies continue to reinforce his position that his supporters and the American public are smart enough to see through the unwarranted negative publicity that is constantly being shot at Trump by the main stream media.

Additionally, Trump seems to be relying on his position that, ‘Trump is winning….how can you take Cruz and or Kasich seriously?’ as a response to the GOP’s and Cruzs’ latest attacks.


Unfortunately for Trumps’ campaign, the overall results of the GOP’s and Cruz’s dirty tricks has recently left Trump being seen by many of his supporters, opposition and undecided   voters, as a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Mack truck.

Trump’s campaign is under siege by a large group of political hacks, with millions of dollars and a very biased towards Trump media machine.  The latest voter polls suggest that the Stop Trump campaign and Cruzs’ Dirty Tricks’ team constant shots at Trump, are hitting their mark more often than not while Trumps’ return fire appears to be highly ineffective.



Editor’s Note:

During a campaign speech in Wisconsin on March 30, 2016, Trump delivered a very impressive speech concerning success to a very receptive group of University students. One of the keys to success that Trump expounded on was the importance of not losing your momentum going forward in achieving ones goals.trump_ran_over_by_mack_truck_getoffthebs

On March 5, 2016, the Wisconsin voters will answer the question of who has the ‘momentum’ going forward in the GOP primaries.  In my opinion, if Trump is going to be the GOP’s presidential candidate in 2016 for the general election, Trump must win in Wisconsin.

If Trump has any chance at all to win in Wisconsin, he is going to have to wake up now and find a way to get his momentum back. The Trump campaign cannot continue to take volleys of fatal shots without appropriately responding.

Please consider that I don’t claim to be a  political expert, however, it does not take a political expert to conclude that if you continue to get ran over by one Mack truck after another, eventually you are going to end up six feet deep in the ground.  Mr. Trump, please wake up and at least move out of the way of the Stop Trump and Cruz Dirty Trick trucks!