The outcry over Hillary Clinton’s emails continues to gain volume. Considering her position as the front-runner in next year’s Democratic primary, and the revelation that the FBI is seriously investigating the fact that she violated numerous federal laws concerning classified information that was mishandled due to her exclusive use of a private email account while pathetically serving as Secretary of State, it is a travesty of justice that she has not been indicted by now.

So, what is the hold up with the US Attorney in indicting Crooked Hillary Clinton?  That is a wholly appropriate question, and one that should be answered without regard to her stature as a former Secretary of State, Senator of New York, First Lady and current presidential candidate.

However the question of why the Obama administration has been sweeping her criminality under the Oval Office’s rugs, has, in some ways, overshadowed more basic questions about why Crooked Hillary repeatedly lied about her email accounts in the first place, and how Americans should judge her treacherous acts of treason.

Those questions were raised anew by a somewhat unlikely source: columnist, political commentator and activist Cenk Uygur, of the Young Turks.   Rightfully arguing that Clinton has been her own worst enemy in the email scandal, Uygur points out that she definitely should be paying the price for having lied so horribly that she has already been convicted by millions of Americans.

Crooked Hillary is no stranger to the rules of the federal government. She had to know that if she used a State Department account, her 60,000-plus emails would become part of the official record., hanging her for her criminal conspiracy in running guns in Libya and for her part in arranging the assignation of Ambassador Christopher Stephens.

Crooked Hillary certainly knew, without any doubt that her political opponents would be jerking off over the opportunity of investigation her email communications.


Most American’s realize that both Hillary and Bill Clinton have thousands of enemies, lots of them, who show no compunction about doing everything they can to bring the crooked partnership of William and Hillary Clinton to a long overdue prison term.

Hillary obviously must have wanted to make sure they never got the chance.

However, all of the aforementioned issues are beside the point. If you accept the job of Secretary of State, you inevitably surrender some of your privacy. Any public official’s work-related e-mails are the modern equivalent of the letters, memos and diaries that fill the National Archives. The same reveals our nation’s history and belong to the American public.

Regardless if a public officials name is Clinton or Obama, Hillary and or Obama had absolutely no right to unilaterally decide what is included in the records and what is not.

It would be a step in the right direction if Crooked Hillary Clinton would be respectful enough to say, ‘I’m sorry. I was wrong.   Hilary is only adding insult to injury  by insulting the American publics intelligence, ridiculously claiming she only did what other Secretaries of State have done in the past.

The fact is, none of Clinton’s predecessors went to the trouble and expense of a private email server.

Additionally it is highly obvious that Crooked Hillary will never explain why, after turning over to the State Department the emails she claims were work-related, why she obviously had her email server professionally wiped clean and then later pathetically blamed the same on her daughter Chelsea, claiming Chelsea did so due to her suffering postpartum depression.clinton_liars_getoffthebs

Crooked Hillary’s asinine explanation that she didn’t want people prying into her so-called private matters such as ‘planning for [daughter] ‘Chelsea’s wedding … as well as yoga routines, family vacations and the other other things you typically find in inboxes’ is asininely unconvincing.

Does Shillary have some secret yoga move she doesn’t want the world to know about?

Crooked Hillary, will never do the right thing, which is doing everything in her power to ensure that any extant e-mails are turned over to the State and Justice departments.

Unfortunately, it would not make much of a difference now is she did because Crooked Hillary has stonewalled for so long — there’s no other word for her stance — that recent pledges of openness and cooperation are being construed by many as exactly what they are; Bullshit!

That’s exactly right. It’s why the Clinton camp is, according to Uygur’s news-side colleagues at the Young Turks, are increasingly worried about what will be revealed and what the political consequences will be as her past prevarications propounded as explanations, continue to be declared as grade A bullshit.

Crooked Hillary’s repeated prevarications and stonewalling FBI investigations is why a perennially “inevitable” candidate is again looking mighty vulnerable, with ever-louder whispers that Joe Biden or even Al Gore may come riding to the crooked cunt’s rescue.

Additionally, adding to Crooked Hillary’s mounting problems in a political environment that has taken on a decidedly anti-establishment mood across the board, Bernie Sanders is drawing the crowds Shillary might have expected on the way to her prayer in Hades chance of a Democrat coronation as nominee.