Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post declared war on GOP front runner Donald J. Trump, assigning an ‘army’ of  twenty (20) reporters with strict marching orders to dig up whatever dirt they can find on Trump to destroy him.

The Trump and Bezos feud goes way back to 1993, prior to Jeff Bezos marrying MacKenzie Bezos.

According to Hanna Olsen of the Seattle times, Trump allegedly made a comment to Bezos about sending MacKenzie to a breast augmentation surgeon to “do something with her nonexistent boobs.”


Evidently Bezos did not appreciate Trump’s previous comments about MacKenzie’s flat chest and has been using his newspaper, The Washington Post to disparage Trump 24/7.

Jeff Bezos, recently caught other media sources attention with his offer to send Trump in to space – one way – using a rocket provided by Bezos’ company Blue Origin Rockets

Donald Trump, not amused by Bezos’s offer recently fired some Tweets at Bezos that definitely has done nothing to calm their anger towards each other.


Bezos:  In your face,Trump! You like facts, huh? Well how does this “Bezos is your daddy” fact strike you, because it is totally true! And like President Trump says, everyone knows that Bezos uses the paper as a tax shelter for his massive e-commerce empire… wait, what?



Meanwhile Bezos decided to respond on Twitter, posting his fourth-ever Tweet to poke fun at Trump.


Regardless how this mega-billionaire feud ends, things are definitely going to get very interesting….then again….does anyone read the Washington Post?  Were not ‘A’ cup breasts considered more attractive than ‘C’ or ‘D’ in 1993?

Editors Notes:

 Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie Bezos

Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie Bezos

Lovely couple.