Many Americans’ who argue that Hillary Clinton is the symbol of big government corruption believe that she is the most twisted and evil piece of trash on the face of this earth and has no business holding a political office in this country.

Although there are many people who are intelligent enough to see through Hillary’s bullshit, unfortunately current election results indicate that there are millions of Americans who are obviously brainwashed and or asinine enough to vote for her.

The most distressing point is knowing that there are so many asinine people that have the right to vote. These moron people who vote for Hillary appear to be blind or they are living on welfare and food stamps, so they do not apparently care about USA or its future.  On the other hand the Judicial System is totally inefficient and corrupt, otherwise both of the Clintons would have been prosecuted years ago.

Very few people could not reasonably argue that both William Clinton and Hillary Clinton are two of  the most corrupt politicians in American history.  Compared to Richard Nixon, both of the prevaricating Clintons’ leave Nixon appearing as an all American Boy Scout.


Concerning Hillary Clinton’s Email scandal, it is highly doubtful that the federal government will prosecute her lying posterior  because all of the truth concerning her treachery will most likely never be revealed to the American public. If the truth was to be revealed, it his highly likely that Obama and Biden and many other criminal politicians, will end up going down with her.  

According to polls conducted by CNN, Fox News And CBS indicate that an overwhelming amount of educated people believe that there is very little doubt amongst the American public that Obama knew about Hillary’s criminal use of her email server.

A prodigious amount of corruption and dead bodies seem to follow the Clintons wherever they may go. Whitewater through Benghazi/ Email-gate, when will it ever end? Many Americans’ today are very concerned that putting the Clintons back into the Whitehouse is as bad as putting a member of Charlie Mansions’ family in to the Oval Office. 

Arguably,  Obama, Clinton and other corrupt politicians have lied, cheated and stole and were never sent to jail because no official investigation was ever allowed to prove that they committed numerous  crimes.  

Hillary is now under FBI investigation and it is obvious to anyone with more than a 2nd grade education that she has committed many serious felony crimes and absolutely should be spending time in prison. 

Many conservatives and loyalists to GOP front Runner, Donald Trump reasonably argue that if Hillary is not indicted,   the 2016 Presidential election will have no meaning, paying taxes will have no meaning, judges, police officers and the criminal justice system will all be worthless;  it will mean that The United States is no longer a Republic and that the rule of law has ended. 

Additionally, many Americans’ believe that if  Hillary is not indicted there will no longer be the question as to whether or not the wealthy are above the law because Hillary would have proven that to be true for generations to come. 

The wealthy and powerful, which Hillary is a member of, will have declared themselves essentially rulers of America able to do what they want, when they want.  There is no turning back from that point.

The freedom we will lose, we will lose forever and everything else we spend time on discussing will become insignificant.