Kellyanne Conway: The Woman In Charge

Kellyanne Conway: The Woman In Charge

Brenda Corpian – 08/22/2016

Who the hell is Kellyanne Conway, I asked Donald Trump last Wednesday when Trump told me that he was bringing a “pollster” on board.  I continued to scratch my head as Trump explained to me that Conway, is a lawyer, a former law professor, a wife of a Manhattan law firm partner and the mother of four, who has polled for a lot of major organizations, testing public opinion on many issues.

What Trump did not tell me is that Conway is the only major Republican pollster to devote part of her firm’s time to specializing in women’s consumer issues.  Additionally, Conway has worked with super-Pac’s to raise money, which will endear her to the Republican party.  Well that makes sense I guess.

I think a lot of Trump’s own supporters were mystified-well shocked actually, when Trump announced this past Friday that Paul Manafort was leaving and that he was bringing Conway aboard as his new campaign manager and Steve Bannon as Chief Executive of Trump’s campaign. 

Kellyanne Conway: The Woman In ChargeThe recent mainstream media stories that Paul Manafort  had left the Trump campaign and that Cory Lewandowski is still on the Trump campaign payroll should not have been a surprise to any of my readers.  For those who read my articles last month entitled, ‘Second Donald Trump Campaign Ad Released- Lewandowski Out” and  “CNN Hires Lewandowski As A Political Commentator,” you all knew that Manafort was leaving this month and that Lewandowski was planted at CNN in the hopes he would give Trump more Hannity and Pirro pro-Trump voices in the mainstream media.

Therefore, all Trump supporters should know that bringing the owner of Brieberts News–Bannon and his staff of top rate pundits in to the Trump fold, was definitely the next logical step for the Trump campaign moving forward into the last 80 days of the general election. Especially when you consider the fact that the Lewandowski-CNN move did not work out exactly as expected—well part of the plan did. 

There should be no doubt that Trump’s brilliant move to fool CNN into hiring Lewandowski cost CNN a hell of lot of credibility and definitely the cost of bringing Lewandowski aboard has got to be pissing off many CNN board members. 

What offsetting impact Bannon and his staff of reporters at Briebert News will have on the dishonest mainstream pundit’s constant barrage of Trump smear campaigns is too early to be determined, however no one in their right mind can fault Trump for attempting to get in his best shots anyway he can do so.

For those of you who have watched Trump’s most recent rallies, it is apparent that Conway has already had a huge impact on the Trump campaign.  Trump is now speaking from a teleprompter, where he is scripted — but the script is all Trump, focusing on immigration, Islamic extremism, unfair trade agreements and Clinton-Obama policies.

Conway has intelligently realized that immigration issues are a major connection to many Americans’ fears over their own job prospects.

Conway was definitely on track to focus Trump’s speeches in the direction of abortion issues, where Conway has previously helped to craft ways to shape  messaging after undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood employees negotiating the sale of tissue from aborted fetuses.

Concerning terrorism issues, Conway speaking over the weekend to the New York Times, told the times that the Trump security message can reach the American public:  “People don’t feel safe,” she said. “Terrorism is a complex issue with a very simple solution: We kill them before they kill us.”

Conway went on to say that “the content-free campaign is over.  We are going to force the conversation to issues, because the issues favor Donald Trump.”

Kellyanne Conway: The Woman In Charge

Conway is not the first person associated with the Trump campaign to lay down that law, but those who know her and Trump say she has a big advantage: She is a strong-willed, politically savvy conservative woman whom he trusts and who is not his daughter, and therefore able to maintain a comfortable measure of analytic distance.

She also has a reputation of knowing how to help male candidates connect with female voters, which the mainstream pundits asininely claim is a stumbling block for Mr. Trump.  Maybe those moron pundit’s will finally shut up now that a woman is in charge of Trump’s campaign.

Conway brings openness in a campaign known for a top-down, tightly compartmentalized management style.

We have the door in our office open to the ‘war room,’” she said. “And to everyone in this campaign.

“We want to be able to meander into the war room because we need to bounce things off each other, because while Hillary Clinton has erected a campaign, Donald Trump has built a movement,” she said.

What does all that mean?  Trump is not playing around.  He has brought in the heavy-hitters to take Crooked Rotten Hillary and her merry band of mainstream pundits down for the count.  Will Trump and his campaign staff get enough shots in to deliver a TKO?  I definitely think so!

This is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs.  Go Trump for POTUS 2016.