As Carly sings The Party is Over, Lyin’ Ted ‘The Antichrist’ Cruz tells his foolish followers in Indiana that after he got kicked in his vagina in Indiana from Donald Trump, he is ending his campaign.

Carly ‘Home wrecker’ Fiorina gave a short and somber speech tonight to a small group of asinine Indiana Cruz supporters. Fiorina’s speech congratulated Cruz’s supporters in Indiana and around the country for fighting hard for Cruz, but gave no clue that Lyin’ Ted would follow her with his conceding announcement.

Lyin’ Ted ‘The Antichrist’ Cruz spoke tonight with a noticeably slower speech pattern while his wife stood behind him with eyes just dabbed from a long crying bout, praising his followers by calling them Patriots and left them with a promise that he would “fight” on for them, no matter where the opportunities may present themselves.

Typical Lyin’ Hypocrite Ted falsely promulgated his love for the country, its people and God.

Standing on the stage with his mother, father, wife, children and Fiorina, he expressed his love for his family and made a pathetic attempt to fool the world that he truly cares about someone other than himself.


Just shortly after Cruz announced his acceptance of his posterior having been handed to him in Indiana, GOP officials announced that Donald Trump will be the GOP’s candidate going forward in to the General Election.

The main stream media and millions of Republican voters have been shouting since this past Super Tuesday when Trump won all North Eastern state primaries with landslide victories, that the GOP must declare Donald J. Trump as their choice for the next President of the United States.

“Now I know our candidates are going to say some things to attract attention,” Mr. Priebus said, in a barely veiled reference to Mr. Trump’s attacks on what he has called “a rigged” and “corrupt” nominating process.

“That’s part of politics,” Mr. Priebus said. “But we all need to get behind the nominee.”

Trump was definitely very Presidential tonight in his acceptance speech.  With the utmost class, Mr. Trump praised Lyin’ Ted Cruz as “one hell of a fighter” and further said of Cruz, that he believed “Cruz will go far”, he is a very smart and tough competitor.


Trump ended is short speech, just under 20 minutes, by praising the GOP and stating that going forward the GOP “must unify.”  Mr. Trump mentioned that he received a congratulatory call from Reince Priebus amongst many other people he said, “I can’t believe they had the nerve to call me” after all the nasty things they have said about me.

Interestingly, tonight was the first time that Mr. Trump made public reference to the “Trump Train”, a name that his wise supporters coined to indicate that those who support Donald Trump are riding on a his train headed to the White House for 2016.


There is no doubt that both Trump and his millions of supporters around the world, were pleasantly surprised to hear that Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is telling donors tonight that he now has a solid relationship with GOP front-runner Donald Trump and that Trump will be the GOP’s Presidential Candidate going forward in to the General Election.

It is highly doubtful that we have heard the last from Lying Ted The Antichrist’ Cruz. The Antichrist will not go away.   He will find his way to the oval office, regardless of what treachery he may have to employ to get there.

As for John “Douchebag” Kasich,  he has foolishly pledged  to stay in the race until a candidate reaches 1,237 bound delegates.

Editors Note:

From the start, Cruz has premised his candidacy on the idea that 2016 would be an election driven by resentment toward the established GOP order. It was a good strategy with some poor timing on the execution.

Unfortunately for Cruz, Trump strategically and with a highly controversial campaign pitch and personality, beat Cruz to the punch of endearing himself to a large percentage of American voters who have had a gut full of politicians and politics as usual.

I will not miss hearing Cruz’s jabber, but in all fairness, timing is what fueled the  Trump Train and sunk the Cruz Ship.  One thing for sure, 2020 may end with a different GOP front runner.