Lyin’ Ted in a last ditch effort to earn the GOP presidential nomination while attempting to mend his marital fences after his wife Heidi recently learned that Lyin’ Ted and Fiorina are having an affair, has put aside his adultery for at least long enough to make his last stand in Indiana.

Friday evening at the La Porte Civic Auditorium in Laporte Indiana, Carly Fiorina introduced Lying Ted Cruz with a short speech about why she loves him so much.  As the Cruz family entered the stage, Fiorina tripped and face-planted herself on the concrete floor, while Lyin’ Ted looked on.

There is no doubt that  Lying Ted knew better than to come anywhere near Fiorina to give her a helping hand up or appear to be concerned about her physical condition, less than 24 hours after Heidi and Fiorina came very close to going fist to fist in a restroom in Greenville, Indiana fueled by Heidi learning about the affair.

According to the Daily Journal, Fiorina will be leaving Cruz’s side on the campaign today to make her first appearance today at 4:00pm EST, at the Greek’s Pizzeria & Tapp Room, in Franklin, Indiana.

Carly Fiorina Falls During Rally in Laporte Indiana as
Lying Ted 
and Heidi Cruz look on.

Cruz, in his interview on Sunday with Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, did not mentioned why his earlier announced plans for Fiorina to campaign side by side with him in Indiana until the the primary voting closes on Tuesday, May 3, has changed with Fiorina now heading to meetings apart from him.

However, considering that  Lyin’ Ted’s poll numbers have recently dropped to a double digit deficit behind GOP front runner Donald Trump and that Heidi’s  anger is starting to cause some major problems with his campaign, as evidenced by her clearly calling him an immigrant hispanic in a small rally the previous day, Lyin Ted distancing himself from Fiorina, is probably the best option  in light of both situations.

To Lyin Ted Cruz’s credit, Cruz appeared be optimistic during his speech Sunday in front of a crowd where one alleged support was holding a sign that read, “Praying for Ted, Cruz stated,

“The eyes of the entire country, now rest on Indiana.”

Unfortunately for Lyin’ Ted, one day before what is widely viewed as a must-win primary,  Cruz could not conceal a grim reality: He is in serious trouble, at home and on the campaign trail.

Editors note:

Close examination of the video, both of Cruz’s children looked sad until they were through the curtains headed to the stage. Additionally, both Heidi and Lying Ted showed no concern on their faces for a middle aged Fiorina’s  possible injuries after having face-planted herself during a fall.

Quite frankly, if I was Fiorina, I would ditch the Cruz’s like they have the plague. I don’t condone her screwing Ted, but let us face the facts, Lyin’ Ted’s marriage and political career are on a sinking ship….why go down with the ship Carly?