There is no doubt that Donald Trumps’ greatest appeal to those of us who love and support him is the fact that he is not a politician. Donald Trump is the ‘messenger’ that millions of Americans’ have been eagerly awaiting, for many years now.

Donald Trumps’ message is easy to understand and direct to the point. Many Americans’ have had a gut full of the most wealthiest people in the world taking advantage of a corrupt political system to deprive us of the things we have worked so hard to achieve, but are now losing at an alarming rate.

Those idiots who oppose Donald Trump and their prevaricating media are well aware of what Trumps’ greatest appeal to his supporters is. We are reminded of this fact every time they propound a question to Mr. Trump that any politician would normally sidestep.

For instance, recently Donald Trump was asked his position on issues concerning the North Carolina transgender bathroom disagreements.

Most politicians running for office do not want to touch that issue with a ten foot pole because there is no way of taking a position on that subject that will not leave a candidate with a large group of people angry on one side of the issue or the other.

The main stream media knows that if Mr. Trump side steps such a question, he will appear like any other politician and that if he answers it honestly, they will have a whole new thing to criticize him for. It is a no lose proposition for the media, because either way, they have a way to portray Trump in a bad light.

Arguably, in consideration of how we Trump supporters separate Trump from the aforementioned political and elite scumbags, it is reasonable to wonder in the back of our minds, can Trump win the General election when he is constantly thrown in to a bad light that politicians such as Hillary Clinton know how to and can get away with avoiding?

Additionally, does Trump possess enough knowledge about politics and how unscrupulous politicians play the game, to win the General election?

manafort_trump_2The very fact that Donald Trump hired and brought Manafort in to the fold of his political campaign team, should leave no one with a single doubt that Donald Trump is aware of the fact that for him to win the General election, he must beat these political scumbags and their prevaricating media, at their own games.

After listening to the recent controversial audio tape from the Florida GOP meeting (04/19/16) and Chris Matthews interview of Paul Manafort this morning (04/24/16) I am highly impressed with Trumps’ newest weapon against his opposition and the mass media who are pathetically trying to derail the Trump train.

There is no doubt that we Trump supporters understand Trump’s message to us. We appreciate his direct no-nonsense way of speaking to us and to the general public. We basically laugh at the bull shit  Trumps’ opposition tries to feed us.

Unfortunately and arguably, for Donald Trump to win the General election, he will need to win over some people who now oppose him because they do not understand him and often fall victim to buying in to the bullshit that his opposition and their prevaricating main stream media feeds them.

Additionally, it is highly apparent that Trump at some point is going to need the help of the GOP to help him win the General Election.

Paul Manafort is the perfect person to make sure that those people who do not understand how great Trumps’ message really is, will soon see a side of Trump we all know and love, yet they have been blinded to by Trumps’ opposition and their puppet main stream media.

Additionally, Paul Manafort has demonstrated that he can get down in the trenches with the entrenched GOP members that have opposed Trump, wining many of them over by making them understand that Trump is not a divider, but a man who knows how to successfully get things done under the most adverse situations., unifying people with conflicting agendas.

I have never doubted that Donald Trump will win the General Election against Crooked Hillary Clinton and or Communist Adolph Bernie Sanders. I am happy to report now, that with Paul Manafort by his side, Trumps’ road to victory has become a whole lot easier road to traverse.

Editors Note:


I don’t think anyone who has watched this mornings Chris Matthews / Manafort interview, does not realize that Matthews would of much rather had Trump show up verses Manafort.

I laughed several times at Matthews attempt to twist Manaforts’ words around to suit his own twist on the issues Matthews was hoping to use later to drop Trump in to the grease.

From the very start of the Interview, Matthews used his trade mark question followed up with a video to try and smear both Trump and Manafort.  I doubt anyone would disagree with me that Manafort responses left Matthews looking like the piece of human garbage that we all know that he is.

I give two thumbs up to Manafort kicking Matthews in his vagina this morning.  Keep up the good work Paul.  You are a Godsend to the Trump campaign.  Finally, Trump has a much needed aide in delivering his message without a bunch of scumbag main stream media reporters twisting around his words to fit whatever twist they think will deliver them the dirty laundry that attracts so many of their asinine viewers.