Paul Manafort Leaves Trump Campaign As Planned: Mainstream Pundits Wrong Again

Paul Manafort


The mainstream moron pundits are salivating this morning like the nasty rodents they truly are, over Trump announcing Paul Manafort’s departure from his campaign. Without a doubt, the New York Times, CNN and the Washington post must hire the most stupid people on the face of this planet.

Maggie Habermanaug spewing out her usual line of garbage for the New York Times wrote this morning that, ‘Mr. Manafort left nearly a week after a New York Times report about tumult within the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign helped precipitate a leadership shake-up. His departure reflects repeated efforts to steady a campaign that has been frequently roiled by the behavior of its tempestuous first-time candidate.

Mr. Manafort was also dogged by reports about secretive efforts he made to help the former pro-Russian government in Ukraine, where he has worked on and off over several years. He had also become viewed with trepidation by Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and a major force within the campaign, amid a number of false starts since the Republican National Convention, according to three people briefed on the matter.’

Really Maggie?  “Three people briefed on the matter?”  You must have missed reading our article last month entitled, ‘Second Donald Trump Campaign Ad Released – Lewandowski Out’ when I reported that:

“Paul Manafort was expected to leave this month according to his original commitment with Trump to help him through the primaries and the difficulties Trump had with Cruz stealing delegates. Paul told Trump today that he will stay on until late August or until Trump has his general election team firmly implanted to lead Trump to winning in November.  

Manafort has been a welcome addition to Trump’s campaign and we have no doubts that Trump will make another outstanding campaign move in hiring someone as brilliant as Manafort to take him down the home stretch.

There is no doubt that the stupid mainstream pundits will be spewing all kinds of wild allegations about why Lewandowski has left the campaign. If only these idiots actually knew what Trump and Lewandowski are up to.  [stay tuned folks – you are going to be afforded a great surprise by an upcoming employment announcement from a major news source – LMAO] Nevertheless, although Manafort was slated to leave this month, his staying on a while longer will definitely help to quell any false rumors of what the mainstream morons would undoubtedly call a mass uprising in Trump’s campaign.”

Paul Manafort Leaves Trump Campaign As Planned: Mainstream Pundits Wrong AgainMaggie further reported that ‘Thomas Barrack, the financier and friend of Mr. Trump who helped bring Mr. Manafort into the campaign, expressed regret about the turn of events involving Mr. Manafort.’

Wrong again Maggie. Although I would love to believe that Mr. Barrack reads all of my articles, he would not have had to read my aforementioned article to have been aware of the original agreement between Trump and Manafort. Tom and Donald are very good friends. Tom was aware of Manfort’s and Trump’s original agreement. Tom absolutely knew last month, like most of my fans, that Manafort would be leaving the campaign this month.

Jared Kushner has never had a problem with Manafort.  The Trump family consider Manafort as “one of the family” according to Trump.  Donald hired Manafort for the sole purpose of helping him to battle with Lyin’ Ted after Cruz caught Trump unaware of just how rigged the system actually is.

“Brenda, Paul has been an outstanding addition to my campaign.   I am very appreciative for his great work in helping to get my campaign where we are today, especially his work guiding me through the delegate and convention process,” said Trump.

Finally, Maggie suggests that, ‘Mr. Manafort was hired by the campaign in late March, as Mr. Trump was facing a protracted delegate slog in his effort to capture the Republican nomination. He ended up taking over the campaign two months ago after Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, became a distraction to the candidate and his children with a string of high-profile fights and was fired.’

Maggie, you must be the most ignorant bitch who ever called herself a journalist.  You really should read my articles.  Cory Lewandowski was never fired from Trump’s campaign.  In my article entitled, “CNN Hires Lewandowski As A Political Commentator” I wrote that, “It would be highly prudent to consider that one of the most brilliant men in the world created a smoking mirror to park his closest ally [Cory Lewandowski] in a den of idiots–giving himself another Hannity like advocate within the mainstream media.”

Maggie, did I not tell you idiots when Lewandowski left Trump’s campaign, “stay tuned folks – you are going to be afforded a great surprise by an upcoming employment announcement from a major news source – LMAO?”

Paul Manafort Leaves Trump Campaign As Planned: Mainstream Pundits Wrong AgainTo Maggie and all you moron mainstream pundits, my publisher and I told you days before Lewindowski went to work for CNN, that he was going to do so. Additionally, we told you a month ago that Manfafort was going to be leaving the campaign in August. 

In fact, many people who are close to my publisher and I, such as Annie Heath, a brilliant Journalist for Stumpin For Trump, outstanding author, John Chambers and the only real alternative to Trump, presidential candidate Lee Newton Rhodes, all were told privately by my publisher that Manafort would be leaving this month.   

There is absolutely nothing wrong going on within Trump’s campaign. What you are witnessing is a very brilliant man, Donald J. Trump, carefully orchestrating the most awesome campaign in political history.

Trump continues to make you idiots look like the morons you truly are. When are you going to learn not to mess with Trump?

This is Brenda Corpian laughing her ass off again at the stupid mainstream media pundits, signing off with one final message.  Hey you stupid pundits, maybe you should subscribe to our news feed.